Senior Technical Writer (Networking)

Our Mission

At Palo Alto Networks® everything starts and ends with our mission:

Being the cybersecurity partner of choice, protecting our digital way of life.

We have the vision of a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before. These aren’t easy goals to accomplish – but we’re not here for easy. We’re here for better. We are a company built on the foundation of challenging and disrupting the way things are done, and we’re looking for innovators who are as committed to shaping the future of cybersecurity as we are.

Your Career

As a senior technical writer at Palo Alto Networks, you’ll play a key role in documenting how customers can use networking technology to enforce their network security. We are looking for a writer who is passionate about how our users experience documentation, curious about how the product works, and committed to accurate documentation to enable our users to successfully use our software. This effort directly contributes to helping our users fully utilize the platform to protect their network and reduce calls to our support organization.

Your Impact

  • User advocate—Work with product and development teams to produce customer-facing networking documentation and provide feedback on the user experience.
  • Comfortable with complex software—Perform hands-on product testing .
  • Know the craft—You like writing and you have an innate ability to think like and write for our users. You see every feature and task as part of a broad scenario, and are interested in not only how something works, but also when and why to use a particular configuration or setting.
  • Innovation—You are creative, and love to experiment with new ways to present information in a way that enables a positive user experience with our products.
  • Organization—You can take large amounts of technical details and organize them into topics that users can easily find and use to solve their network security problems.
  • Initiative—You’re not afraid to propose changes to improve process and quality to enable a better customer experience and you are relentless in hunting down the information you need.
  • Interpersonal skills—You are able to work with developers, QA, PMs, customers, SEs, and support to successfully gather information required to understand the problems our users are facing and the ways our products help to solve them.
  • Problem solving skills—You have strong critical-thinking skills and use them to ensure that you are providing just the information our users need to complete the task at hand.
  • Strategic thinker—You’re always looking ahead. You’re able to anticipate what’s next and are thinking about how we can meet our users’ needs not only today, but tomorrow as well.

Your Experience

  • BA/BS or equivalent experience required.
  • Must have a good knowledge and background in network security environment.
  • Proven experience with enterprise software documentation.
  • Ability to see the big picture and proven track record of writing from scratch.
  • Strong initiative and ability to work independently with limited direction.
  • Experience with the tools that we use to get our work done, including: Source control tools (Perforce), Topic-based authoring tools (DITA or XML authoring), Video tutorial creation tools (Camtasia), Illustrators (Adobe Illustrator), Team collaboration and release tracking tools (Confluence and Jira).


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