Operator Specialist

    • Huntersville, NC

This position is for Pactiv, a company of Reynolds Group Holdings Limited 

Starting wage up to $18.74

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The primary responsibility of the Operator position is for the safe setup and operation of all phases of the printing operation.  This includes: installation/removal of printing plates, mandrels and related equipment, registration of print images and the ability to get new print set ups running at an acceptable quality and rate. Minor repairs, process troubleshooting and preventive maintenance tasks are also a requirement of the printing operator position. Additional responsibilities include: directing packers assigned to the operator’s lines, related paperwork, quality inspections of product, break relief of all other positions in the department, general housekeeping of the work area and equipment, working in a safe manner and any other duties assigned by department leaders and management.


Must have an outstanding work record. Position requires a HS Diploma or GED and 4+ years’ operating experience or working on production equipment where the individual made machine adjustments. Demonstrated problem solving and mechanical skills are also required.  Ability to communicate clearly, both in writing and verbally is required, as is the ability to perform basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  Ability to work with others effectively as a part of a team is essential.


  • Must be able to satisfactorily perform all printer and packer functions required for trainee level.
  • Set-up, changeover, trouble-shoot and operate printing equipment as well as all auxiliary equipment from conversion with minimal assistance.
  • Run equipment at the required rates to ensure maximum production efficiency.
  • Must be able to inspect product being manufactured to ensure the various visual quality parameters of the product produced are within acceptable limits, making adjustments as needed and monitor forming quality as well as print quality.
  • Must understand how to correctly fill out production reports and all production related paperwork.
  • Must perform routine start-up and shut down procedures and change packing materials from one product to another.
  • Must be able to salvage and re-pack product that is either damaged or otherwise does not meet quality requirements.
  • Must be able to keep different material types separated. Must understand the difference between the various materials in the plant.
  • Must do general housekeeping of manufacturing areas and equipment to ensure safe, efficient and contamination free work area and equipment is maintained. This includes sweeping and mopping of the production area, wiping down the machines and removal and disposal of waste and rubbish
  • Must be willing to work anywhere within the plant as needed and as requirements demand.
  • Must be willing to work overtime with little or no advanced warning.
  • Must perform other tasks within the plant as assigned by the supervisor or group leader.
  • Identify/Correct Sheet Profile Problems (Using Thickness Gauge and Manual Measuring Systems).
  • Gap Extrusion Sheet Die.
  • Identify/Correct Surging Problems.
  • Identify/Correct Venting Problems.
  • Deckle the Extruder Die (Install Side Plates, Seals and Shims to Extrusion Sheet Dies.
  • Perform Minor Process Changeover.
  • Identify/Take Corrective Action: Oven Advance System Failure.
  • Identify/Take Corrective Action: Mold Cooling Unit Failure.
  • Identify/Take Corrective Action: Sheet is Falling Off Pin-Chain.
  • Identify/Correct Trap Plate Seal problems.
  • Identify/Take Corrective Action for Failures of Vacuum Pumps, Cooling Units, Oven Advance System or Pin Chains.
  • Adjust temperature of condition rollers to achieve proper sheet width
  • Adjust drum temperature to achieve product specifications
  • Identify inconsistent vacuum in drum
  • Identify water leaks and follow up tooling to resolve issue
  • Identify/Correct Rimmer Cooling Rail Problems.
  • Assist with a Major Changeover on a Rimmer.
  • Check/Set the Timing on a four Screw Rimmer.
  • Troubleshoot Process related Problems with All Types of Rimmers.
  • Check the Timing on All Types of Rimmers.
  • Interpret All Settings per Set-Up Sheet for DJS Counter/Bagger.
  • Instructs Line Technicians on Any Task(s) Up to Current Level.
  • Complete Line Technician Thermoforming Course.


                                                                                                                         Pactiv LLC is the leading manufacturer of food and beverage packaging solutions in North America and beyond. Since its founding in 1965, Pactiv has grown to support its customers, providing the broadest selection of products made from over a dozen materials. Today, the company is headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, and operates over 60 facilities with more than 14,000 employees across the globe. For more information, visit www.pactiv.com. 

Pactiv LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other legally protected status.

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