Operator Mechanic

    • Pinehurst, NC


This position is for Pactiv, a company of Reynolds Group Holding Inc.


Primary emphasis is on the production of quality, thermoformed product equal to or better than standard cost. Included in this job is the ability to take operational leadership to insure that the Thermoformer is operated in a safe, efficient manner and that any quality or equipment related problems are addressed. When a maintenance problem occurs in Thermoforming, the “OM” will observe and troubleshoot the issue and then implement corrective actions. When high level electronic maintenance is needed, the shift Mechanic “C” will work with the OM to implement a technical solution. Certain administrative, coordination, and production reporting requirements are also within this job description.

• Performs housekeeping, keeps sheet off the floor
• Conducts safety inspections and audits
• Knows and complies with safe practices, especially Lock-out Tag out procedures

• Operating the Thermoformer
• Mechanical Maintenance of Production and flake conveying / grinding equipment
• Weekly, Monthly and all other periodic Lubrication requirements
• Continuous Improvement leader - OFI’s, Equipment Mod.’s, Redesign
• Advanced Process Troubleshooting
• Complete tool changeovers in Thermoforming, including automation
• Maintains the Thermoformer line log book : shift-to-shift communications, process / maintenance troubleshooting assistance.
• Directs / Leads all PM’s and related Core Maintenance support for the production equipment
• Assisting “C” and “B” operators achieve Phase II certification and day-to-day fulfillment of these job duties. This includes basic mechanical repairs and job duties such as :
• Replace compressed air, vacuum or water hose/tube
• Hand tools, inc. fasteners/torque and use of fastener adhesives
• Filters, oil filled lubricators, catch pans
• Form tool cleaning, changeout seals, tooling inserts and mold cavities
• Advanced process troubleshooting
• Basic Electrical maintenance & troubleshooting skills, such as use of multimeter and troubleshooting / replacing fuses, thermocouples, heaters, motors, switches, sensors
• Cleans mold cavities as required to sustain product clarity and quality
• Accurately reports production performance
• Troubleshoots equipment/process problems, consults run rules / blue book for guidance.
• Works closely with and effectively learns from the T/F Process engineering technicians and Tooling Maintenance coordinator.
• Understands and follows production schedule, including T/F line priorities
• Runs to product standards, meets or exceeds quality specifications, and achieves stable/capable processes.
• Call in help : procedures and practices
• Assists in rebuilds of production equipment such as Chesaw under press grinders.

• Performs all production equipment maintenance
• Monitors raw material usage, follows procedures for recycling scrap and reject rollstock
• Ensure equipment is properly maintained and lubricated
• Utilize downtime and changeover time (forward thinking - planning ahead)
• Ensure aux. equipment is maintained, inc. coordination with core maintenance team
• Limit idle time, insure people are kept busy during downtime.
• Conducts maintenance activities to meet long term departmental objectives, not just a 12 hr. shift.

• Coordinates hourly Quality inspections, adding appropriate information to QA/S records
• Insure other work team members understand and practice the OPS General / Detailed Quality Spec. on the packing table and in the Quality Lab
• Takes corrective action to keep process “in control” and consistently maintains low range values in QA/S on the SPC Charts.
• Understands what the run rules and product & process troubleshooting guide recommend for process or quality issues

• Train other team members to accomplish goals, OJT and qualification
• Communicates issues/problems
• Seeks solutions and directs team members to find solutions on their own.
• Participates in standards setting
• Resolves performance issues
• Calls and conducts work team meetings
• Participates in special project/assignments as directed
• Communicates to team on maintenance and performance issues
• Maintain required tool

Pactiv LLC is the leading manufacturer of food and beverage packaging solutions in North America and beyond. Since its founding in 1965, Pactiv has grown to support its customers, providing the broadest selection of products made from over a dozen materials. Today, the company is headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, and operates over 60 facilities with more than 14,000 employees across the globe. For more information, visit www.pactiv.com.


 Pactiv LLC is an equal opportunity employer. We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, ancestry, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other legally protected status. "IND1P" #CB1 




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