OMG Operators

    • Cornwall, Canada















LOCATION:  Summerstown

DEPARTMENT: Production




POSITION SUMMARY AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Concisely state the purpose and overall function of your position---the reason for your position.

To ensure the machine is in good repair and is safe to operate to manufacture the standard output in the required time and achieves our quality specifications.



DUTIES: In order of importance, describe the major tasks / responsibilities of your job. (Normally there should only be 5 to 10). 


  • Comply with all EHS policies, procedures, and safe work instructions in place. Follow company policies and procedures, relating to safety, quality, good manufacturing practices, and regulatory requirements.
  • Pack finish product in a pallet according to the shop docket.
  • Follow company policies and procedures, relating to safety, quality, good manufacturing practices, and regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain daily and quality control documentation
  • Verify product code, material, boxes and work order numbers with the shop floor docket
  • Prepare samples for checks for quality checks
  • Ensure the quality of production, if quality is poor draw issues to the mechanics and team lead.
  • Threading and starting machines when needed
  • Housekeeping, keep area clean and organized. Clean machine in specified areas.
  • Complete production sheet and hour by hour (write down time, calculate quantity produced at end of shift)
  • Keep machine running while minimizing scrap
  • Perform roll changes
  • Perform autonomous maintenance on the machine
  • Prepare and reload labels in the labeler.
  • Adjust labeler – air, levelling, laser
  • Be able to start and stop the machine.





SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: Assume you were being promoted and you were required to select your replacement..  What minimum qualifications would you look for if you were selecting someone to replace you on this position?



  • Manual Dexterity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detailed record keeping per the prescribed frequency
  • Hand/eye coordination
  • Analytical skills
  • Math Skills (calculators to determine and record production data)
  • Basic troubleshooting skills to resolve minor machine issues relating to its operation
  • Understanding of production measurement tools such as level, etc.
  • Knowledge of product quality standards
  • Principles of Thermoforming machines







Describe any manual effort, visual / mental stress, or unpleasant work conditions to which you are exposed.

  • Fast pace environment
  • Heaving lifting may occur
  • Heat during summer months could occur




Education:  Check the minimum level of education required to perform the work of this position at a normally acceptable level of performance.

Experience:  What kind of experience, and how much previous experience is required to perform this job at an acceptable level of performance?


   High School





Kind of Experience: Manufacturing 

   Less than 6 months prior experience.

   6 months to 1 year

  1 to 2 years

  3 to 5 years

  6 to 10 years

  11 or more years










Additional duties as specified by the Production Team Lead




SIGNATURE OF JOB HOLDER: _____________________________________________  DATE: _______________


SIGNATURE OF SUPERVISOR/MANAGER:  ___________________________________DATE: _______________



































Verification of Effectiveness of Training


At hiring and on an annual basis the employee is to be evaluated against the skill list below. Any deficiencies are to be trained about with refreshers. Evaluation can take the format over interview, review of paperwork or onsite of activities.



1– Can operate scale understands calibration policyCapable _____          Needs Refresher________

2– Understands quality procedure and can detect issuesCapable _____          Needs Refresher________

3 – Understands Dockets and can execute instructions   Capable _____          Needs Refresher________

4 – Safely stop/start machine and/or stackerCapable _____          Needs Refresher________

5 – Understand the shop floor dockets, production sheet, hour by hour sheet and roll tag

Capable _____          Needs Refresher________

6 – Verification of product and supplies (boxes, bags, labels)Capable _____          Needs Refresher________

7 – Can properly complete paperworkcapable _____          Needs Refresher________

8 –How to use a jigs, calipers and measuring devicesCapable _____          Needs Refresher________

9 – How to do a roll change and/or thread the machineCapable _____          Needs Refresher________

10 – How the product goes into the boxCapable _____          Needs Refresher________

11Can assemble a pallet      Capable _____          Needs Refresher________



Note any deficiencies and follow up training below:








Completed by and date:_____________________________________________________________________

















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