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About Us
OwnLocal is a fun-loving and hardworking Austin-area startup with a crazy plan to help local media companies survive by providing digital services to their small business advertisers. We're a leader in digital advertising solutions for local media companies globally—we partner with more than 2,600 media companies and operate in North America, Europe, and Australia. We're backed by Y Combinator, 500 Startups, and tons of other awesome SV and ATX investors. We're profitable, cash flow positive, and have found our product market fit.

About You
You're based in Austin (or want to move here), you're a good-natured person (with a sense of humor) and people just like to be around you. You are detail oriented, focused, and self-motivated. You're excited about customer support, and working for a technology company like OwnLocal. Our customer support representatives are the face of our company. Day or night, they are dedicated to assisting our customers with their digital advertising needs. This is done primarily through answering questions, responding to support tickets, and managing our quality assurance.

Here are some things our support team does every day:

  • Interact with publisher executives, ad reps, and small business owners
  • Address customer questions and concerns via phone, email, and live chat
  • Serve as experts on digital marketing
  • Quality assurance and quality control of our partners' data
  • Fulfill new orders and make updates to live accounts
  • Communicate customer concerns to the product team

You should probably apply if you are good at the following:

  • Customer service and support!
  • Receiving and communicating feedback from customers
  • Writing emails that make people fall in love with you
  • Combing through data
  • Handling high-pressure environments
  • Finding places where you can lend an extra hand

You should really seriously apply if you are also good at any of the following:

  • Working late nights
  • Self-management
  • Multi-tasking
  • Always keeping a positive attitude
  • SEO, SEM, and general digital marketing

About OwnLocal Culture
OwnLocal has a culture of ownership, humor, and mastery. Our team is small enough that you can see how your work affects the bottom line, and large enough to be stable. We have a partially centralized approach - we appreciate that some people do their best work at 2 AM and while certain things have to be done during business hours, we're not worried about your butt in a seat; we're worried about getting things done and that's what you will be judged on. We like to experiment. We're proud to make mistakes (but more proud of our successes). We're always trying to get better. People who work for us are expected to question the way we do things. If you're not willing to fight for what's right, stop reading this now.

About Our Support Team Culture
Our eccentric, customer-facing team is the heart and soul of OwnLocal.  As a customer-centric company, we invest tremendous resources into hiring and retaining our Customer Support team, and it pays off by enriching the larger OwnLocal culture.

Each team member has a speciality that we help cultivate.  We encourage them to pursue their interests in other facets of technology, as well as take charge of customer projects that interest them.

Our motto: work hard, work harder, work smart, play hard.  We’re lucky to have a team of straight killers who love what they do and have a true passion for improving the lives of our customers by providing them with the best industry support and data.

In accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, this position is paid out hourly. The hourly rate is determined and based on an annual rate of $25,000 - $29,000 per year, depending on experience. Wages are paid monthly and include company stock options. We do not accept any emails or phone calls about this position.

Start Date
We are looking to fill this role immediately.

Yeah, we do competitive salaries, 100% paid medical / dental coverage, free life insurance, and blah, blah... please.

We'll spare you... Here are the benefits you won't see from the other guys:
The best office space in Austin, TX. 360° views of downtown Austin. POTUS visits. Center of Austin startup scene. Blocks from SxSW. Welcome to OwnLocal. Boom.
Pool + 24x7 onsite gym. The only membership fee is working at an awesome company. Work. Out. NOW!
Free downtown parking. All day and all night, 7 days per week. What's the worst thing about Austin? Okay, we can't fix the allergies, but your ATX parking woes are now over.
24x7 stocked kitchen + free lunch, beer, vodka, Etc. (Etc = Unlimited redbull.) Also... there's the two-tap commercial beer keg usually stocked with local Austin brews, lunch from awesome ATX foodie joints, a fully stocked kitchen less than 100 yards from your desk, and a selection of local liquor.
Team fitness challenges. Free mandatory Fitbit. Track your results, compete with your team, and win cash prizes. This is not a drill.
Free Starbucks coffee. Like coffee? So do we. Howard Schultz went to the trouble of putting a Starbucks on every corner, so why fight it? Anywhere in America, we've got you covered..
Free car2go anywhere in Austin, TX. As if the free parking wasn't good enough, we're making it even easier to get around. Wait for it...
Unlimited vacation. 100% open vacation policy. Seriously. Take time off when you need to, and come back refreshed and ready to work. In addition, we also have quarterly company off-site meetings.
Flexible hours. We appreciate that different people have different working styles. Rarely does everyone work best from 8am-5pm so we do our best to accommodate your cycle. Get your work done, be responsible, and take a break. You're a grownup, and we treat you like one.

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