Senior Software Engineer

Expe: 3-6 yrs

Web Crawler / Web Data Scraping Developer

Required Experience:

An ideal candidate should have strong depth and breadth of knowledge in different areas of machine learning, NLP, Deep Learning, statistics, strong in algorithms and data structures, strong programming skills, general statistics and data science principles. Excellent problem solving skills with ability to communicate even complex ideas in succinct manner.

Strong work ethics like sense of collaboration and ownership, result orientation, being team player

Proficiency in Python, R Spark or related tools used from data handling to modelling to implementing

Strong experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and graph analysis

Decent open-source experience.

Knowledge on Web Crawling/Web scraping

Good troubleshooting and debugging skills

Strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills

Strong understanding of Algorithms

Strong understanding of Software Engineering principles.

Adapt in atleast one Object Oriented language and one non-object oriented language. (c++/java, python)


Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related field

Strong in Coding in one of each - C++/Java and Python

Strong in Data Structure, Algorithm and Computer science fundamentals

Strong in Design - HLD / LLD and solid knowledge of distributed systems.

Expertise in object oriented design and design patterns

3+ years of experience web crawling/scraping websites/information extraction


Experience in developing and implementing models/ algorithms in web data mining domain.

Previous experience in start-ups preferred.

Additional programming languages and respective web crawling frameworks/libraries

Familiarity Unix/Linux.

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