Manager, Quality Engineering

Key Duties & Responsibilities

Work with the leading current technology and tools to drive performance improvements, analysis and recommendations.

Understanding the business

Domain experience with web technologies

Broad based IT knowledge

Natural Problem Solver

Project Management Skills

Communication Skills     


Critical Requirement (Max of 4):

Systems and architecture skills

  1. Interpret and draw system diagrams
  2. Basic understanding of systems environments – shared resources, components, and services; CPU/memory/storage/network and soft resources
  3. The differences between production and test environments – containers, cloud, virtualization, and configuration management

Testing Skills

  1. Goals, requirements, desires, and stakeholders
  2. Concurrency, arrival rates, and scheduling
  3. Scalability, capacity, and reliability as quality attributes and requirements
  4. Test data and test data management

Modeling Load

  1. Identifying transactions and workflows – calculating workload TPS goals and rates
  2. Think time and pacing
  3. Log file analysis, running queries, and production monitoring

Scripting and Test Automation

  1. Parameterization and dynamic content
  2. Transaction measurement and naming conventions
  3. Validations

Interpreting Performance Test Results

  1. Measurement and metrics
  2. Bottlenecks
  3. Reading results and interpreting graphs
  4. Explain queues (Little’s Law)


Meet Some of's Employees

Joshua S.

Vice President of Consumer E-Commerce

Joshua oversees brokerage operations and the product management side of the organization. His main goal is supporting the brokerage at large and growing its business.

Sony T.

Director of Talent Development

Sony provides agents and other employees with the necessary resources to support customers and develop the technical expertise needed to lead successful careers at

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