Talent Coordinator


The foundation of Outcome Health is our family - the team that we build, develop and grow with. The Talent Coordinator will help in identifying, recruiting and onboarding the best talent in town. We have an ambitious goal - to transform the healthcare industry globally - and look for people who align with this mission, enjoy this journey, and have a hunger to succeed. The Talent Coordinator should embody these characteristics and some more - have a love for people, invest deeply in the recruiting process to identify not just the best-skilled person for each open job but rather the best-values person for Outcome Health. We appreciate a good paradox and this person should have both tenacity and empathy.

We want someone who understands the recruitment process for high-growth firms, with a focus on building the right team based on Culture, EQ and IQ. We want a Talent Coordinator who is genuine, positive and friendly, embodying the Outcome Health DNA. Most importantly, we want someone with enthusiasm for the candidate experience, excitement for helping someone find their dream career, and a desire to look beyond the resume to hire individuals demonstrating potential and passion.


We are a health-tech company on a mission to activate the best health outcome possible for every person in the world. We solve hard problems - healthcare is a fragmented industry and we’re transforming it by creating an ecosystem through our technology platform that brings together all the players to collectively improve patient outcomes. Our team is entrepreneurial and thrives in ambiguity with a strong commitment to scrappy excellence to drive patient impact. We empower every Outcome Activator to own their decisions and outcomes in service to the mission, while also contributing to a collaborative environment that’s communally competitive.

With hubs in Chicago and NYC, we've been growing 100% YoY and will impact half a billion patient visits in 2017, as physicians, life science companies and patients adopt our technology platform to make better health decisions during the most critical moments at the point-of-care. With 200,000 physicians already utilizing our portfolio of 5 current products at their practices, we still bring a fresh outlook to our pursuits with humble invincibility, whether you’re new to the family or have been hustling with us since the beginning.

Join our family to activate good in the world.



Meet Some of Outcome Health's Employees

Brittni I.

Client Success Manager

Brittni ensures that Outcome Health's programs run smoothly and efficiently so doctors can provide the information and education their patients need in order to make informed choices.

Sam W.

Team Admin

Sam works hard to ensure that the executives he supports can use their time as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

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