Social Media Coordinator

Outbrain seeks an energetic and outgoing social media enthusiast to join our fast-growing content marketing team with a focus on activating and educating our current global audience of marketing professional fans into truly engaged members of our online community.

With content saturation on the rise and organic visibility waning for brands on all the popular networks, the modern social media expert must be data-driven, creative, and knowledgeable about how to leverage the latest trends as they hit the social feeds.

The ideal fit for this role will be someone who is always at the forefront of social technology. As the first of their peers to adopt new apps, they master new features and test the limits of content creation and social engagement for the value of their followers. They recognize social media as an important element of their ‘personal brand,’ and strive to produce consistent, channel-specific content to match the needs of each audience.

Above all else, this person is a clear and concise communicator, capable of quickly crafting copy and editing images that will inspire, delight, and educate our community of content marketers.


Your first year should look like this:

In your first month, you should find your bearings, do a deep dive into the Outbrain product, and start to build key internal and external relationships.

After three months, you will be an expert in our Social Relationship Management platform, scheduling the majority of our social updates on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, and monitoring other online communities and blog posts to respond to reviews about Outbrain.

After six months, you will be executing our entire social media strategy, engaging during live events around the world, tracking results, and continuously improving by analyzing and reporting on results.

Throughout your role, you will work closely with PR, Events, Customer Success and global marketing teams to increase brand visibility, identify key activities for engagement, coordinate on upcoming content initiatives, and improve organizational areas of development as it relates to social media (ie: employee training, recognition and rewards for participation in advocacy, and social competition development).

When you finish up your first year, you will have successfully implemented the company’s social media marketing strategy by publishing high-quality, relevant, and channel-specific content, through influencer outreach, cultivating conversations with top advocates, and amplifying our presence at major industry events.


  • Demonstrated creativity and documented immersion in social media
  • Strong writer and verbal communicator
  • Experience editing photos
  • 1+ years functioning in a social media capacity or equivalent internship experience in the digital marketing industry
  • Proven track record of high productivity and superior time management
  • Can effectively communicate information and ideas in written, visual, and video format
  • Ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side, able to demonstrate why their ideas are analytically sound
  • B2B experience a plus
  • Experience with Oracle Social Relationship Management platform or similar tools a plus


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