Senior Software Engineer - Infrastructure

We're looking for a senior Java / Scala / JVM developer with strong engineering skills,

to join our software infrastructure team and develop critical infrastructures for our highly distributed,

resilient micro-services environment for use by Outbrains' engineering groups.

You'll work and develop our open-sourced framework, libraries and toolkits to support our micro-services infrastructure.


3+ years of experience in development with Java / Scala / C# / Other JVM or statically-typed, compiled languages.

Real-world experience with asynchronous programming, functional programming, concurrency and scalability.

Understanding of Linux and operation systems.

Strong interpersonal and analytical skills, supporting engineers and integrating new technologies.

Ability to write clean and simple code to solve complex problems.

Experience in analyzing performance and system behavior in distributed systems - a big plus.

Passionate about software engineering and craftsmanship - being active on StackOverflow, maintaining open source projects or

Nice to have:

knowing stuff that most of the people don't (e.g. Haskell)

Meet Some of Outbrain's Employees

Caroline M.

Head of Industry, Financial Services

Caroline forges partnerships with insurance and financial brands and marketers nationwide on behalf of Outbrain to amplify advertising and enhance content exposure throughout the industry.

Cody N.

Full Stack Engineer

Cody switches between working with the customer-facing front-end and the operational back-end of Outbrain’s product offerings. He takes care that every aspect works smoothly for clients and looks beautiful for their users.

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