Senior java/scala backend engineer- IL

Job Description:

Be part of a team that develops from scratch a high scale, fault tolerant, distribute billing engine that handles dozens millions events per day.

As part of the job you will:

  • - evaluate various, distributed platforms such as Apache Kafka, Storm, Apache Flink, Spark.
  • - Design and implement distribute billing engine.
  • - Write unit tests, integration test, and system tests.


1. At least 5 years experience as a java/scala backend developer

2. At least 2 years experience in designing and implementing distributed systems.

3. At least 1 year experience with one of the following platforms: Apache Kafka, Storm, Apache Flink, Spark

4. Experience with using profiling and monitoring tools such as YourKit, JConsole

5. Excellent knowledge in java and java internals

6. Experience in scala is a great advantage.

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