Senior Algorithm Engineer

Outbrain is seeking an experienced Algorithm Engineer with strong background in prediction models and preferably recommendation systems. Our content discovery platform is guided by a single mission: to help people discover content that they can trust to be interesting, relevant and timely. Serving over a billion daily recommendations we are reaching hundreds of millions of users across a global list of premium media properties.
The nature of this position includes:

  • Responsibility over algorithmic features from inception to production: including ideation & design, data-analysis, data-modeling, integration into production code followed by A/B testing & monitoring
  • Engagement in highly relevant topics within the fast growing internet market-place, such as: Recommendation systems, internet-user personalization, UI/Feed Optimization, Real Time Bidding and Conversion Optimization
  • Combining disciplines of: ML/DL algorithms, Big-Data processing/analysis and High-Scale Cloud programming
  • Working in a highly agile, continuous delivery based environment, where new models are able to quickly reach extensive AB testing in production.
Our Stack includes:
Python, Java, Scala, Tesnsor-Flow, Spark, Elastic-Search, Hadoop, Cassandra, Kafka, Docker
Position Requirements:
  • MSc or PhD in CS preferably in the area of Machine Learning
  • 3+ years of experience in building machine-learned models over large datasets and applying them to real-world problems
  • Fluent in Python and familiar with its ML packages
  • Solid knowledge in Java / Scala
  • Significant experience in OOP in one of Python/Scala/Java/C#
  • Knowledge in Recommendation models (strong advantage)
  • Experience in Spark
  • Industry Experience in Java development in a high scale environment

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