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Outbrain Programmtic Access

About Outbrain:

Outbrain is the world's leading, content recommendation platform, connecting audiences to the content they love through our relationships with some of the largest media companies in the world. The company currently serves approx. 250 billion personalized content recommendations every month and reaches over 2 billion visitors from across the globe. Our expansion to some of the web's largest global properties is a reflection of its rapid growth and its successful innovations in supporting a new era of digital publishing. Top-tier premium publications that currently leverage the Outbrain platform include: ESPN, CNN, Le Monde, Fox News, The Guardian, Slate, The Telegraph, New York Post, and Time Inc.

Position Overview:

Outbrain recently established a team responsible for building and growing our programmatic access offering. Outbrain Programmatic initiates and oversees relationships with various demand sources that come in and participate in Outbrain's discovery network, while also providing existing partners access to demand programmatically in Outbrain's extended network. This exciting new service is helping marketers around the world to distribute their content into the Outbrain network programmatically as well as a gateway to the most premium native inventory on renowned Exchanges and DSPs. We are looking for a Demand Manager to hit the ground running in strengthening our current demand partners on all programmatic buying while assisting sales teams and account managers in fostering and developing new opportunities.

Responsibilities and Activities:

As the day-to-day owner of the relationships with the various demand partners, the Demand Manager will have to establish the connection, set up the technical channels and maintain the ongoing business, using various products, technical knowhow and market knowledge. The Demand Manager will maintain good communication with both demand partners, clients and internal Outbrain functions contributing to the business.
Responsible for making sure that the demand coming into Outbrain is well inside the company's guidelines, performs in an optimal way to the benefit of all involved business counterparts and leads toward growth of the business. Responsible for making sure that the inventory we will buy from the extended network partners will meet the targeting as well as performance guidelines of the demand side customers (marketers). The Demand Manager will be the "programmatic ambassador" and will seek and connect demand opportunities for all sides of the programmatic coin.
Be a contributor, from a tech and product perspective, to the ongoing process of solidifying the business technical flow as well as business aspects. Take part in product and tech discussion, and establish and lead the conversation where required to bring tech and product on both sides together based on acquired day-to-day knowledge.

Profile Overview:

Prior experience in businesses that have developed and operated successful digital ad tech products. A passion for an ever-evolving process improvement while maintaining existing business in tight control and optimization.
Comfortable in a role that requires a breadth of experience and skill-sets. Will be working with teams of a variety of functions. Whilst having a project, product and relationship management strengths, this individual will bring a wide commercial lens to their activities.
Understands the metrics and levers involved in scaling the offering while having the passion and ability to build a sustainable framework with the ability to instruct others in the organization.
Experience in building and managing relationships in a significant scale with both external demand partners and clients, and with internal teams, both local and international that are involved in the business. A technical individual with analytic skills and ideally some proficiency in SQL.
Strong, trustworthy character with the ability to inspire team members to think outside the box and view the world differently. An energetic and engaging figure that people enjoy working with. A natural team player who has an inclusive approach but also the ability to make key decisions based on experience. A self-starter who is able to work independently but also reach out to key stakeholders for assistance.
Non-political, energetic, hungry, smart, organized, collaborative, transparent, down-to-earth, highly-motivated, entrepreneurial, high integrity, passionate, accountable, disciplined, detailed, a problem-solver, results-focused and a 'can do' attitude.

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Caroline M.

Head of Industry, Financial Services

Caroline forges partnerships with insurance and financial brands and marketers nationwide on behalf of Outbrain to amplify advertising and enhance content exposure throughout the industry.

Cody N.

Full Stack Engineer

Cody switches between working with the customer-facing front-end and the operational back-end of Outbrain’s product offerings. He takes care that every aspect works smoothly for clients and looks beautiful for their users.

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