Lead Cloud Services Software Engineer

Outbrain’s Cloud Services team is a global group of developers & engineers who are responsible for growing Outbrain’s services and infrastructure to meet the demands of an ever-growing market. We serve billions of requests each month. Scalability, reliability, and team effectiveness are primary goals and we embrace automation and open-source tools to achieve them.

We are seeking a Cloud Services Software Engineer to lead our NYC-based software team who can help us build internal automation and infrastructure tooling. This role has a specific focus on software development within an Cloud Services context.

The team is responsible for the visibility aspects of Outbrain’s infrastructure. Collecting, transporting, and analyzing millions of events a second from metrics to logs and many more.

If you are:

  • A team and a systems builder.
  • Passionate about coding and quality.
  • Enjoying leading changes and breaking things.


  • Experience with modern languages used on the web (Ruby/Python/Java,Go).
  • Good understanding of modern web architecture (Layer 4 & 7 load balancers, the HTTP protocol, and what to look for when things go wrong).
  • Good understanding of RESTful web services and SOA related standards.
  • Experience administering Linux systems and understanding common troubleshooting and maintenance techniques.
  • Able to pick up new software, frameworks and APIs quickly.
  • Good knowledge of basic large-scale internet service architectures (such as load balancing, caching, queues), even if you haven’t worked on one.
  • Passion for turning complex distributed processes into “click of a button”-grade automation.
  • Able to work independently as well within a team. You are willing to attack problems on your own, but won’t hesitate to ask questions from whoever you need to ask.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You are on the side of too much communication versus not enough. You believe that changes need to be communicated and communicated effectively.
  • Experience in designing software and/or platforms used by other developers, and have supporting those developers with the adoption of your solutions.


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