Infra & Network Team Lead

Outbrain is the world's leading content discovery platform, serving over 200 billion personalized content recommendations every month to 550 million unique visitors from across the globe.

To support this scale, we manage a fleet of over 6000 physical servers, spread across several datacenters. Scalability, reliability and "building the right thing" are in our genes, and we wholeheartedly embrace automation and open-source.

Job Description:

We are looking for a passionate leader to manage our Infrastructure and Networking team, with experience in spearheading high-performing, mission critical teams.

You will be part of a talented group of professionals, responsible for our core infrastructure, providing scalable solutions, from concept and design to implementation. You will provide technical guidance, foster collaboration and contribute to our evolving culture.

Skills & Experience:

  • You have experience in managing and building teams.
  • You possess an excellent understanding of Linux.
  • You have a good understanding of core networking concepts.
  • You have written code in Ruby, Python or Java.
  • You have practiced Infrastructure as Code using tools such as Chef, Vagrant and Docker.
  • You are experienced in developing solutions for large scale environments.

Personal Skills:

  • You are a passionate leader and a team player.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You are proactive, exhibiting a "CAN DO" attitude.
  • You are innovative and bold.

What We're Like:

  • We are self-starters - we learn up-to-date technologies and seek to constantly evolve ourselves and our systems.
  • We love data and what it can tell us about our systems.
  • We are adaptive, without giving in to context switches.
  • We care about diversity and teamwork.
  • We balance life and work to extract the best of both worlds.


Meet Some of Outbrain's Employees

Caroline M.

Head of Industry, Financial Services

Caroline forges partnerships with insurance and financial brands and marketers nationwide on behalf of Outbrain to amplify advertising and enhance content exposure throughout the industry.

Cody N.

Full Stack Engineer

Cody switches between working with the customer-facing front-end and the operational back-end of Outbrain’s product offerings. He takes care that every aspect works smoothly for clients and looks beautiful for their users.

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