Guilds Master

3+ months agoNetanya, Israel

We are looking for a Guilds Master to promote the knowledge and excellence culture of our engineers.

As a Guild(s) Master:

  • You will have full ownership of the content and agenda for our weekly engineering meeting. The meetings’ content is all about technology, knowledge, and fun.
  • You will help our developers to shine and develop themselves in the industry as speakers/writers/open source contributors.
  • You will be working closely with engineering senior management and development teams.

We’re looking for someone who’s good at writing, public speaking, involved in the local and global communities, passionate about engineering, and good with people.

How the ideal candidate looks like:
  • An engineer with proven experience in both backend and frontend development
  • Passionate about content, learning, and knowledge
  • Leader
  • Proven experience in managing communication channels, social media, and web presence
  • Native English level
  • An open-source committer

**Link about Outbrain guilds :


Job ID: outbrain-4783