Cloud Services Software Engineer

Outbrain Cloud Services is a global group of developers & engineers who are responsible for growing Outbrain's services and infrastructure to meet the demands of an ever-growing market. We serve over 200 billion recommendations on a monthly basis, so scalability, reliability and team effectiveness are in our bloodstream, and we embrace automation and open-source tools to achieve them.

Our NYC based team is focused on building the visibility and monitoring infrastructure, including: collecting, transporting, and analyzing millions of events per second from metrics to logs. We are seeking a gifted software developer to help us build our infrastructure including all aspects related to internal automation and infrastructure tooling.


  • Experience with modern languages used on the web (Ruby/Python/Java,Go).
  • Good understanding of RESTful web services and SOA related standards.
  • Experience administering Linux systems and understanding common troubleshooting and maintenance techniques.
  • Able to pick up new software, frameworks and APIs quickly.
  • Able to work independently as well within a team. You are willing to attack problems on your own, but won't hesitate to ask questions from whoever you need to ask.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. You are on the side of too much communication versus not enough. You believe that changes need to be communicated and communicated effectively.


Meet Some of Outbrain's Employees

Lior C.

Product Manager

Lior oversees every aspect of Outbrain products that go to market. From the initial concept to the development of the project to its final release, Lior makes sure that every product feature is in tune with Outbrain's audience.

Natalie C.

Senior Marketing Manager

As part of Outbrain's Customer Acquisition Team for Amplify, it’s Natalie’s job to get customers on board, keep them happy, and improve their experience as they navigate the platform.

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