Algorithms Engineer

Outbrain's content discovery platform is guided by a single mission: to help people discover content that they can trust to be interesting, relevant, and timely. Our recommendations reach hundreds of millions of users across a global list of premium media properties.

Outbrain is looking for an experienced algorithms developer & researcher to take part in forming its advanced recommendations platform. We work in an agile environment of fast development and deployment cycles that supports rapid experimentation and quick feedback.

We are looking for a candidate who can develop solutions from ideation to full production mode, building software that implements sound algorithms while being robust, scalable and high-performance.

Candidates must be fluent with ML modeling and related statistical techniques, and be skilled in software development for both research and production level implementations.


  • MSc/PhD in Computer Science / Statistics / Mathematics
  • Firm background in machine learning
  • Experience in java development in the industry
  • Prior background in recommendation systems and big data is a big advantage


Meet Some of Outbrain's Employees

Caroline M.

Head of Industry, Financial Services

Caroline forges partnerships with insurance and financial brands and marketers nationwide on behalf of Outbrain to amplify advertising and enhance content exposure throughout the industry.

Cody N.

Full Stack Engineer

Cody switches between working with the customer-facing front-end and the operational back-end of Outbrain’s product offerings. He takes care that every aspect works smoothly for clients and looks beautiful for their users.

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