Vector Senior Front-end Developer

Senior Front-end Developer

We are a small and ambitious incubated startup developing Vector (, a forward-looking open source collaboration app, and the very first production-ready application built on top of the Matrix open standard.

Vector is built around a few core beliefs we have:

  • anyone should be able to use the app they prefer to communicate, especially in a working environment where things are particularly fragmented between Slack, HipChat, Skype, Lync etc
  • anyone should be able to own their own data
  • messaging apps are the new operating systems for businesses, but that doesn’t mean they should be an overwhelming experience for the user
  • open source software is the greatest way to innovate

Resulting in an app allowing teams to work efficiently as a group by bridging together all their tools and conversation in a simple and uncluttered environment, making it easy to tune in and tune out on every individual’s own terms. Secure, interoperable thanks to the Matrix standard ( and centered around communication (text, voice & video), Vector lets people organise their work by conversations, each of them becoming real virtual teams putting all decisions, files and exchanges on the record, and making them available from anywhere. Vector’s target audience is small teams and working groups, in the future growing to the wider collaboration space.

 Vector is looking for the support of a standout front-end developer, passionate about building slick UIs and creative user experiences. Vector runs as an autonomous incubated startup within Amdocs, the leading provider of customer management solutions to mobile networks (

Vector is developed end-to-end by a small and agile team spread across Rennes (France) and London (UK) – from our front-end applications and VoIP stack all the way back to our back-end infrastructure.  Recent projects include initiating, an open initiative aiming to create a new open ecosystem for interoperable voice, video and messaging apps on the internet - making it as easy and flexible to message or call someone as it is to send them an email - as well as delivering for TIM Brazil.

You will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining and extending Vector’s Web client
  • Creating and maintaining revolutionary interoperable VoIP and Messaging apps for the Web
  • Releasing some of these apps, including Vector, as Apache licensed and helping grow the global Matrix community (all of the code for Matrix and Vector is being released as Apache-licensed opensource at and

Your tasks will include:

  • Technical implementation and testing of VoIP/IM communication apps, including implementing the visual design provided by a third party agency, and complex UI features.
  • Requirements gathering and design for development of new features.
  • Investigation, diagnosis, and resolution of complex real-world defects.
  • Ensuring that code is fit for purpose, including unit/system/integration testing and instrumentation/monitoring.

Skills and Experience

You will:

  • Be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Web App development with specific interest in at least one of VoIP, Messaging, Media/Graphics development, Game programming or Network programming
  • Have strong practical experience in CSS/HTML5/JavaScript development, React and HTTP API
  • Possess a Computer Science, Maths, Science or Engineering degree from a top class university
  •  Help set your own objectives within a small and rapidly evolving team, and be persistent in pursuing them
  • Want to build software which will change the world

If you're excited at the prospect of making a glossy opensource collaboration tool go viral and changing how people work get in touch at [email protected]!

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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