Maritime Intern

OneWeb is on a mission to provide affordable internet access for everyone in the world. Founded in 2012, with a goal to connect every unconnected school in the world, OneWeb has expanded its mission to take on closing the digital divide by 2027, and providing affordable access for the more than 4 billion people who are unconnected today. Through a global constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, OneWeb will provide low latency, broadband access to even the most remote parts of the world.

The Maritime Intern will be assisting on a variety of projects, supporting the maritime team. This person will be exposed to all facets of the maritime business at OneWeb by participating in meetings related to the assigned tasks. The internship will last between 2-4 weeks and is geared towards midshipmen during their Academy Sea Year Program. The intern will have the opportunity to work on short definable projects in support of the maritime business plan, for instance:

- identification of key shipping routes that can be served by OneWeb in early deployment stages

- application and data requirements for autonomous shipping

- bridge systems and general shipboard requirements for IoT and M2M

- maritime user terminal installation survey requirements

- strategic, marketing, financial and business planning

- and other topics of interest to the intern that relate directly to OneWeb maritime business

At the end of their time, each intern will be rewarded with a new knowledge of satellite communications and OneWeb, with the satisfaction that they have provided very valuable inputs into the maritime team, its business planning and OneWeb’s success!



- At least two years of a BA/BS

- Degree in nautical science, marine engineering, or other degree relating specifically to the maritime industry in any of the key sectors: merchant shipping, passenger (cruise, ferry), leisure yachts, offshore (oil & gas) and commercial fishing



- Enrolled on the Academy Sea Year Program


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