Fleet Operations Spacecraft Engineer

At OneWeb, we’re on a mission to provide affordable, high-speed Internet access for the world’s unconnected and to achieve the #1 target of the World Society of Information – to create a community access point at every school in the world. We realize this isn’t easy, but we have designed a combination of satellites and ground systems that we know can achieve this, and we believe it is too important not to do. Eliminating extreme poverty, enabling relief for communities during emergencies or disasters, providing health care, clean water and education, starting a business, individual empowerment and civic transparency are all important goals and Internet access is a foundation for solving these global issues.

OneWeb is a technology and infrastructure provider. Our infrastructure enables Mobile carriers, ISP’s and governments, to provide Internet Access to their local and remote populations. Our team’s talent spans fields from semiconductor design, telecom core network and small cell production and deployment, to hyper local rural regulatory and educational challenges. We are developing leading edge technology to solve some of the world’s largest problems – and having a lot of fun doing it!

If building the infrastructure to connect 2 million schools is something you would like to make happen, then joining OneWeb may be a great personal and career move. We can provide an intellectually challenging workplace and fast growing opportunity with a clear purpose. Come join the team that is making affordable communication ubiquitous on a global scale.

The Fleet Operations Spacecraft Engineer reports to the Senior Fleet Management Systems Engineer and works closely with the Spacecraft Operators to respond to satellite anomalies and payload system outages to maintain quality of service of a large constellation of Low Earth Orbit satellites.  The chief responsibility of the spacecraft engineer is to maintain satellite payload service performance, health and satellite safety.  The spacecraft engineer is the focal point for anomaly detection and resolution but also analyzes and trends OneWeb satellite data and directs satellite configuration changes to maintain performance within defined parameters.  The spacecraft engineer is the liaison between the satellite control and subsystem and system engineers to resolve satellite issues. The engineer drafts mission planning requests and manual contingency command plans when required.


  • Perform on-console satellite engineering support in a shift environment
  • Perform satellite telemetry trending and analysis
  • Respond to satellite anomalies and service outages and facilitates recoveries
  • Build, validate and deliver satellite configurable item changes to maintain satellite performance requirements
  • Draft mission planning requests to perform required satellite commanding
  • Act in accordance with OneWeb’s Code of Conduct and other relevant policies and procedures

Required Skills and Experience: 

  • The ideal candidate will have experience in:
    • Satellite subsystems including satellite payload RF communication systems
    • Engineering analysis tools
    • Orbital Mechanics of LEO satellites
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently, take ownership of all aspects of job and take initiative
  • Excellent oral and written skills and communication / briefing skills is essential.
  • A minimum of 0-3 years of aerospace industry or equivalent experience required and 5 years preferred
  • Demonstrated ability to work to tight deadlines in high stress environments
  • Multi-satellite LEO constellation operations experience is preferred.

***No visa sponsorship is available for this position***

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