Senior Software Developer


Exceptional professional with 4+ years of experience including program management, solid programming skills, and a knowledge of database concepts to improve our existing technical systems.

Job Location

Bungoma, Kenya


Minimum 2-year commitment, full-time job.


Job Description 

One Acre Fund relies on a home-grown Client Management Information System to help us manage our field program information. Currently, our Client Management Information System handles the enrollment of 600,000 smallholder farmers spread over multiple countries, records farm supply orders, manages the delivery of seed, fertilizer, and solar lights to clients, tracks millions of payment transactions, and creates a wide variety of business intelligence reports.

The Senior Developer will be based in Western Kenya. S/he will be responsible for the following:

  • Writing, testing, and deploying as part of the team quality systems for our MS-SQL/C#/Angular stack.
  • Producing a field-facing, mission-critical Program Management System.
  • Participating in the continued development of our mission-critical custom database, which impacts every aspect of the organization’s operations.
  • Developing features allowing for flexibility in the way individual countries run their operations, while still focusing on reusability across countries.
  • Maintaining a long-term perspective when faced with urgent operational demands.
  • After settling in, providing guidance and mentorship for a team or a subset of our team of 18+ developers and QA professionals and helping to shape and achieve strategic objectives
  • Maintaining coding standards and participating in peer code reviews.
  • Operational insight: Becoming familiar with every aspect of our field operations and identifying areas for improvement in the tools we develop to support the field.
  • Other tasks: We are a young organization that is growing rapidly, which means all staffers pitch in to ensure we are providing the very best support and services to both our team and clients.
  • Improve our existing tools to capture a wide variety of program configurations per country and provide functionality for a multitude of field product and process innovations.
  • Provide central management and reporting tools while maintaining a focus on field usability. 
  • Build out efficient bulk data entry functionality with a heavy focus on data quality control, as well as field-facing mobile and tablet data entry, and reporting where appropriate. 


Career Growth and Development 

One Acre Fund invests in building management and leadership skills. Your manager will invest significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about. Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new high-level roles opening up and opportunities in many functions. This results in fast career growth for our staff.



We are seeking 1-2 exceptional professional(s) with 4+ years of work experience and ideally a demonstrated passion for international development. Candidates who fit the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Strong work experiences.
  • Demonstrated ability in one or more of following leadership roles:
    • Technical: Primary responsibility for technical guidance and direction within a project or across projects.
    • Team: Managing the careers and interactions of multiple developers, identifying strengths and weaknesses and deploying resources appropriately.
    • Project: Managing technical calendars, strategic goals, and interactions between developers and stakeholders for successful implementations
  • We are looking for passionate professionals who combine strong leadership skills with good humor, patience, and a humble approach to service to join our growing family of leaders.
  • A willingness to commit to living in rural areas of East Africa for at least two years – this is a long-term, career-track role. The ideal candidate will have at least one year demonstrated experience working in the developing world, although this is not a strict requirement.
  • Language: English.
  • Ability to cook/laugh – desirable.


Preferred Start Date 



Starts modest. However, this is a career-track role with fast raises for performance, paying a meaningful salary for long-term placement in developing nations. 


Health insurance, immunizations, flight, room and board. 

Sponsor International Candidates


East Africans Encouraged to Apply 

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