Rwanda Supply Chain Associate

Job Location

Kigali, Rwanda


Minimum 2 years commitment, full-time job.

Job Description

One Acre Fund purchases over 30,000 metric tons of agricultural goods each year amounting to over $30 million in spend on behalf of 400,000 smallholder farmers – 190,000 of those farmers are based in Rwanda and Burundi alone. With that $30 million investment into high quality inputs, we generate an average of $130 of impact . Access to high quality hybrid seed and agricultural support materials is one of the most effective ways we generate higher yields and put food on our farmers’ tables.

Currently, many smallholder farmers in Rwanda and Burundi save seed from season to season, have poor access to storage materials, and are not getting the most out of their land. We are looking for someone to develop our Rwanda and Burundi supply chain systems to solve that problem once and for all by putting high quality seed and storage implements into our farmers’ hands - on time and at the right price. You will improve our current seed delivery and storage product supply chain services for smallholder farmers across Rwanda and Burundi while preparing our purchasing and quality assurance systems to scale in the coming years.

Responsibilities of the Rwanda Supply Chain Associate will be to:

  • Negotiate and execute applications for import permits and trial agreements with the government
  • Facilitate seasonal seed and fertilizer orders and agreements with the government
  • Troubleshoot import challenges and find creative solutions to persistent issues
  • Liaise with government on import regulations and quality assurance procedures for major inputs like seed, fertilizer, and plastics
  • Ensure compliance with government regulations on import and export processes
  • Work with multi-national staff and suppliers to plan and execute seed purchases
  • Develop our seed sourcing strategy to guarantee availability, quality, and on time delivery for new products such as bean seed, bananas, and potatoes
  • Ensuring consistent, predictable quality by building strong Quality Assurance processes and professionalizing our Rwanda seed lab using industry best practices
  • Oversee importation and loading from supplier warehouses for major seasons
  • Execute with high degree of excellence by providing fraud prevention, customer service, and on time delivery
  • Work with clearing agents and country teams to facilitate major fertilizer imports
  • Map out current supply chain practices to identify and implement cost- and time-saving improvements.
  • Implement standardized practices to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service
  • Mentor supply chain staff to build leadership and project management skills
  • Coach team to identify high quality, high level suppliers and teach them how to negotiate for best pricing and payment terms
  • Identify strong local talent pools for recruiting high quality supply chain staff
  • Become familiar with One Acre Fund teams and structures to ensure the seed supply chain team is effectively supporting their internal clients
  • Work closely with internal teams such as the logistics team to reduce overall spend
  • Help to improve overall process transparency for the global inputs team

Career Growth and Development

One Acre Fund invests in building management and leadership skills. Your manager and a global support team will commit significant time in your career development. We provide constant, actionable feedback delivered through mentorship and through regular management consulting-style career reviews. We also have regular one-on-one meetings, where we listen to and discuss career goals, and work collaboratively to craft roles that each person can be passionate about.  Because of our rapid growth, we constantly have new high-level roles opening up and opportunities in many functions.


We are seeking exceptional professionals with experience in and a passion for data management and supply chain. Experience in an entrepreneurial environment is a plus.

Candidates that meet the following criteria are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Work experience in a demanding professional environment, preferably in positions where frequent cross-department communication was required
  • Experience in import/export procedures preferred
  • Knowledge of procurement and supply chain preferred
  • Experience working with government services preferred
  • Creativity and strong problem solving skills. You don’t take no for an answer and constantly look for alternative solutions to problems.
  • A passion for world class customer service
  • Outstanding communication skills with peers and management and with government stakeholders and high level officials
  • Leadership experience at work or outside of work.
  • Ability to work and make decisions independently
  • Top-performing academic background required
  • Language: English and French required. Kiswahili is a plus.

Preferred Start Date



We offer a modest starting salary that affords a high quality of life in our areas of operation. This is a career-track role with performance-based raises and the ability to expand responsibilities over time.


Health insurance, immunizations, flight, housing.

Sponsor International Candidates 


East Africans are strongly encouraged to apply.

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