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Introduction to Ogilvy

At Ogilvy we make brands matter.

We make them matter for years, for quarters and for right now.

There is a prevailing wisdom or narrative that perhaps brands no longer matter as much in the era of micro-targeting, technology and perfect data.

But we believe that brands have never mattered more as navigation aids and beacons of trust for consumers.

We are 1200 creative problem solvers working together to get to less ordinary answers to client’s challenges.

If that sounds like somewhere you want to be, read on…


Introduction to Strategy at Ogilvy

We want to be the home of Creative Intelligence.

We put creativity at the heart of everything we do. Because we are a creative network.

Creativity is the first, greatest competitive advantage in business. Original thinking.

Strategy is the oxygen for that creativity – knowledge, experience, insight, data, informing or inspiring the work that we do.

We separate the useful from the interesting, to get to less ordinary answers.

We’re a diverse bunch of thinkers – Brand Strategists and Data Analysts, Experience Design to Insight, Social Content experts to CRM wizards.

If that still sounds like somewhere you want to be, read on.


You’ve a strong understanding of your client’s day-to-day business & aspirations:

  • You well understand the intricacies of the Client’s business (their core business, KPI’s etc)
  • You maintain an up-to-date record of key market and Client information
  • You provide rich consumer insights to develop innovative approaches to business problems
  • You are developing a strong understanding of marketing and branding strategy
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You are excellent at refining & distilling your thinking in both the written and spoken word
  • You are a strong and persuasive presenter
  • You possess excellent influencing skills that you can ‘pitch’ accordingly and appropriately. This means that you are confident, outgoing and always respectful
  • You display a range of adaptable communications styles that mean you can work across different countries, cultures and environments

You Have Excellent Idea Generation Skills

  • Your Creative Briefs and briefings are imaginative and thought-provoking
  • You assume leadership within teams of colleagues to develop ideas for creative solutions
  • You stimulate the creative process with thoughts, ideas and insights
  • You can intuitively evaluate the quality of the creative work and re-direct if necessary
  • You are fast thinking, nimble & adaptable. Open-minded, you thrive in a fast moving environment
  • You have the confidence to hypothesize about categories, brands, consumers and channels
  • Confident in designing brainstorms and workshops

You Have Excellent Facilitation Skills

  • You are confident in designing day plans, setting up sessions, controlling sessions, using stimulus and managing the equality of ideas
  • You have a positive and vibrant attitude to generate energy in a room
  • You can recognize and transform ideas in the thinking of others

You Have Strong Relationships-building Skills

  • You are an invaluable and proactive partner to your Account Directors and above
  • You have strong & constructive relationship with the Creative Director and Creative Teams
  • You are the trusted, key, day-to-day strategic point of contact for the Client
  • You work together productively & profitably with other Group agencies
  • Comfortable with leading and steering diverse teams through the strategic process

You care about the career progression of more junior members of the team and play an active role in their development



Core Strategic Skills

  • Build & show a comprehensive understanding of the context for strategies
  • Understand the clients business and vision
  • Work with client to establish their aims, objectives and the key elements of their strategies
  • Foster strong individual middle/senior management client relationships
  • Promote the day-to-day perception as holding lead-strategic status
  • Challenge & redefine briefs to find an interesting ‘angle’ with which to base design solutions
  • Refine the concision with which you construct Creative Briefs
  • Assume the lead in working with teams of colleagues to develop ideas
  • Catalyse the creative of effective & well-targeting ideas through inspiriting creative briefings
  • Develop strong & persuasive presentational skills that land ideas
  • You are experienced in designing and commissioning research projects
  • You are an influential partner to Client Research/Consumer insight departments
  • You are confident and experienced in running and moderating qualitative research groups
  • You are proactive in suggesting changes and improvements to design ideas when necessary

You proactively tap into a variety of market and research data to monitor cultural and social trends and their impact on consumers’ attitudes, behaviours and perceptions relevant to the client’s business

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