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At Ogilvy we make brands matter. We make them matter for years, for quarters and for right now.


Some marketeers and commentators believe brands no longer matter in the era of more channel fragmentation, micro-targeting, technology, and perfect data. But we believe that brands have never mattered more as

beacons of trust and identity for consumers. 


We are a team of brilliant, creative problem-solvers who believe there’s nothing we can’t achieve together, for our clients and for each other.




Ogilvy Social & Content is looking for an Account Executive to support the delivery of several key social accounts – including Philips and QuickBooks.

As an Account Executive you are the backbone of the account for both the agency and the client team – the ‘go to’ person for status, finance, project updates and timings plans and a source of all the information the team needs in order to create the conditions for great work.


About us:


Ogilvy’s social capability develop dynamic content strategies that help make brands matter. We do this by matching great social-by-design executions with best in class distribution expertise across paid media.


As a leading social media practice, Ogilvy Social & Content has 80 social specialist employees who service Philips Global, Boots, HSBC, Unilever Global, Samsung UK, Rolls Royce and many other clients in our Southbank offices. 


We are looking for:


Ideally this person needs to be passionate about creativity, taking an interest in work from both inside and outside the agency and the industry. 


Alongside this, you will be expected to be all over the process, working closely with your account lead and project manager to ensure everything runs like clockwork.


We want people who are entrepreneurial in nature and always looking for ways to develop the business, be that a tactical opportunity on your account or awards for the wider agency.


You’re professional, able to engage with clients at all levels and develop strong working relationships with agency colleagues.  Their commitment to the role instils confidence in the team that they will get the job done.


Your role and responsibilities:


  • Client relationship – The Account Executive is pivotal in making every creative presentation a success, ensuring the team are prepared, the work is ready to present and is looking great and the meeting runs smoothly.
  • Creative process & creative teams – You’re all over the detail on every project you’re working on and always looking for solutions to any problem that might arise.
  • Production – Responsible for the day to day management of the production team, timings, budgets and providing regular updates to all involved.
  • Delivery of final assets – You take pride in the quality of every piece of work that leaves the building, whether for client presentation or final delivery.
  • Integration with other departments – Account Executives need to be the key day to day contact with all other departments such as Strategists, Project Management, Creative teams and Finance.
  • Financial management – Commercially conscious, you’re on top of the financial admin on your account(s), managing the process from end to end with your project manager and finance manager.
  • Management – you will be responsible for the direct management and nurturing of juniors
  • Agency growth - Strong proactivity in searching out opportunities for growth amongst existing clients and willingness to support the wider social & content team in further new business opportunities, including pitche.


You are great at:


  • Quick learner - understanding our business and its challenges quickly and confidently
  • Excellent organisation - efficient time and project management skills
  • Keen eye for detail – from sense checking of new creative work to brand management
  • Strong people and communication skills – whether that be in the London agency, or working with our agency partners and clients in other markets
  • Pro-active and determined – willing to take projects on quickly and have the confidence to run with them
  • Strategic thinker - Ability to look at the bigger picture
  • Tech savvy – ranging from solid understanding of Microsoft Office to broader interests in digital
  • Easy going - to fit in with the team and wider Ogilvy community


At the heart of everything we do are our core values, our DNA, those beliefs that make us part of Ogilvy. 


We have a set of five values that we expect everybody in the agency to sign up to. It’s not a set of rules, but it is a set of beliefs about how we go about our daily lives that we think helps set expectations of the kind

of partners we look for.


Divine Discontent:

We are never satisfied


Relentless Curiosity:

Just try it


Adaptive Connection:

Everyone matters, embrace difference


Pervasive Creativity:

Put creativity first


Eternal Craft:

Care about every detail

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