Senior Planner

We want someone.....

To work on one of our fastest growing

accounts. They rely on us to support their marketing, develop their go to

market strategy as well as plan/develop communications.

We want a senior planner to

support the planning Director and Client team leader. The account and planning team is currently at 10+ and growing. You'll have the opportunity to work on other business, probably B2B in the first instance but also B2C.

We rely on you to.......

Understand the client's business - inside out. Be a bit of guru across every aspect of the client's category, business, customer base and strategic ambition. Support the wider agency team wherever necessary to ensure this know how is reflected in our work.

Own the creative process for defined client projects - review and establish project requirements, determine the strategic or tactical response, write the creative brief (preferably inspiring, at least not impenetrable), review and help the Creatives create great work, stand your ground, present and sell it to clients.

Own or contribute towards larger strategic projects - determine client requirements and work with the Planning Director to establish the agency's strategic approach, manage specific workstreams, like journey mapping or contact strategies, share, build consensus and present to clients.

Architect and develop well-structured, clearly articulated, reasonably decent to look at, presentation decks. You will often be responsible for producing client presentations, including sales team materials.

Structure, facilitate and disentangle the outputs of client workshops.

Manage strategic research - establish and brief requirements, direct specialist research partners, conduct interviews, review results and identify key insights, present to clients.

Be good at measuring things. Understand how to create and implement an evaluation framework for every initiative.

Build direct relationships with client strategic decision-makers. Win their respect and gain their trust. Establish yourself as someone who's opinions and advice are worth listening to.

Identify new strategic opportunities within the client relationship - pro-actively hunt them down, identify the resources and skill sets necessary to deliver them, assist in the strategic sale.

Write the entries for all the awards you're going to win.

You are great at.......

Being a properly integrated planner. Working across disciplines and channels, or at least convincing the rest of us you are. Spending the morning reviewing media plans and the afternoon building a customer persona. In particular for Inmarsat, we need someone who gets digital, direct, media, experiential, content, social, ABM: a bit of everything really.

Being B2B. Knowing your DMU from your elbow. Understanding business customer engagement and the specific challenges of B2B communications strategy. Knowing the rules, and when to ignore them.

Making complicated stuff seem really simple. Reading everything, crunching everything, considering everything. Taking everything in, throwing away what doesn't matter and holding onto what does. Then helping everyone else understand it.

Finding needles in haystacks. Knowing what's an insight and what's not.

Thinking internationally. Our client is global and so are their customers. Understanding how things might seem different if you're not from round here.

Questioning conventional wisdom. Playing devil's advocate with familiar answers. Challenging others and yourself.

Training others to do some of what you do because you'll never have time to do it all yourself.

Inspiring those around you.

It would be awesome if you could also.........

Love a good spreadsheet. Care about the detail. Take pride in getting things right.

Be committed and a bit obsessive. We work hard.

Enjoy a bit of chaos.

Back yourself, particularly when you're right.


Removal Date 18-Apr-2018

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