Media Director, Social & Channel Innovation


Who Are You?


You get goose bumps of excitement when platforms release new features, whether it is targeting or a new format, you can’t wait to apply every advantage for your clients with access to the latest beta test. Taking pride in building complete, complex media strategies across the digital ecosystem to delivery optimal ROI, you want to push the performance of campaigns by always searching for that additional optimization to push performance beyond barriers.


You are comfortable in dynamic, fast-paced, international work environments.  You are agile in your management of media and your media team, able to adapt to changing objectives and business needs. You yearn to manage and grow the talent of your team, gaining great satisfaction from team wins and career growth, pushing the norm and challenging thinking. You are looking for a team that is open-minded, modern, valuing collaboration and team spirit, all the while pushing for innovation believing that today is a unique opportunity to transform how our clients do marketing through social.


You, an all-round media expert with strong understanding of how brands grow and perform in the Social Age excel at using advanced media executions. You’re excited to work in collaborative, energetic environments where you can apply experience across categories and across brands in different stages of growth: brand maturity, digital maturity, and social maturity.


You love to study the holistic advertising landscape and the relationships between the touchpoints for a consumer, believing in both the traditional & the new world of advertising. You thrive on building, expanding and innovating solutions and capabilities. You can’t wait to apply your strong knowledge base of the marketing tech stack and toolkit to achieve the most efficient and effective executions, always thinking about new ways to apply tools to media. You can’t wait to grow our business, loving to pitch bold new ideas and frameworks to global CMOs as well as being the guiding light of integration between the social, media agencies, and engagement planning in one of the largest agencies in the US and globally, based in New York.


The Ask


Ogilvy is looking for a Director of Media with a focus on Social Media & Digital - someone who shares our passion for the delivery of best-in-class social to drive business results using sophisticated distribution models.


The Role


You will be responsible for all of the paid social operations for the Social Practice at Ogilvy while working with teams internationally to run media across the digital ecosystem including display & programmatic, search, and app stores.


In addition, you will be the key POC for paid social, and will be responsible for key strategic partnerships and growth development.


As Media Director, you will lead and manage multiple accounts, and coach, mentor and manage a team. You are expected to maintain a high level of knowledge of your clients’ line of business, have a solid understanding of martech and best practices and a passion for seeking out new opportunities for clients.  As the champion of your clients’ business in the agency, you work effectively with broadcast, search, social, programmatic and analytics specialists to drive great results.


  • Manage & integrate cross-clients paid social team, including Strategists and Campaign Managers, and Media Planners
  • Work together with the management to identify and grow incremental business opportunities
  • Develop paid social strategies for new business (e.g. pitches)
  • Keep a close relationship with Social.Lab HQ and other hubs in order to benefit from best practices but also educate other markets with DE cases
  • Lead the development and execution framework of innovative paid social media plans across key clients
  • Recommend innovative strategic and media tactics consistent with media and content briefing
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with vendors, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, et al.
  • Develop, train, coach and motivate team
  • Proactively seek out for media opportunities and/or industry news to develop sharp and up-to-date approach to media planning, and disseminate across the team
  • Develop thought-leadership and vulgarize/provide owned POVs to clients and partners
  • Proactively seek out to design effective media cases
  • Develop new area of the agency
  • Connect social with other digital channels


  • Education: min. Bachelor’s degree in Advertising or Communications
  • Work experience: 8-12 years of experience in digital media planning (preferably paid social), including 2 years management experience required
  • Large agency experience preferred
  • Very strong experience in developing complex, creative, innovative and sophisticated paid social & digital strategies and media plans
  • Strong understanding of digital landscape and how/where bridges are built between paid social and other channels
  • Strong team management and coordination
  • Extensive experience in writing and presenting relevant information
  • Ability to evaluate, design and execute streamlined processes across clients and within the group
  • Ability to stimulate and motivate junior talents team and develop team skills and careers
  • Strong track of record of business growth and incremental scope conversions
  • Strong technical knowledge of paid social tools and external vendors
  • Presentation skills
  • Passionate about brands and innovation

The Ogilvy social team is comprised of 100+ social experts sitting across various locations in USA: NYC, Chicago, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

We are on a mission to help companies make Social matter for their brands.

Every day, we help brands unlock the business value of social in this new, more complex world by bringing together all the skills necessary to deliver best-in-class social: from audience-centric creation, to data-driven distribution, to creative built and optimized for the modern world. 

For our clients, we deploy our end-to-end offering, which includes intelligence, strategy, creative, and distribution (paid-owned-earned).

We deliver work on global and local levels for a large range of clients and categories. Our key clients include: IBM, Philips, American Express, Nestlé, Centrum, CDW, and Instagram.

See Inside the Office of Ogilvy

Ogilvy is one of the largest marketing communications networks in the world. Founded by David Ogilvy in 1948, Ogilvy’s commitment to innovation has made it a global leader in brand advertising. It’s used its marketing know-how to build some of the most recognizable brands in the business, including clients like Sears, American Express, and IBM—all while maintaining its strict standard of creative excellence.

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