Finance Assistant

font-family:“Arial”,“sans-serif”“>The Lacek Group (TLG), a specialty agency of

Ogilvy & Mather, is a fast-growing customer engagement agency. We work at

the intersection of brands, data, and creativity to help industry-leading

companies build and strengthen relationships with their best customers. We have

an exciting opportunity for a Finance Assistant to join our team.


Client Finance Responsibilities

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Provide

financial support to client account teams and monitor budgets on a project


mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Provide

financial information and analysis as requested11.0pt;font-family:“Arial”,“sans-serif”;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Assist in

the creation of job estimates, budgets and client staffing plans

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Assume

role of primary financial contact for account team

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Prepare general

financial reports for review as directedfont-family:“Arial”,“sans-serif”;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Secure

client P.O. or necessary work/payment authorizations and ensure adherence to

contract billing policiesletter-spacing:-.1pt”>

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Monitor

accounts receivable status and follow-up on aged balances

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Manage

jobs in coordination with account teamfont-family:“Arial”,“sans-serif”;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>

General Finance Responsibilities

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Process

paperwork for setting up new vendorsfont-family:“Arial”,“sans-serif”;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Create

Purchase Orders

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Review

& route AP invoices for approval

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Track

and process all temporary labor and contractor approvals, timesheets, and

invoice payments

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Monitor

and follow-up on timesheet compliance each month

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Run

frequent hours reporting as requested

mso-hyphenate:none;tab-stops:-.5in”>Arial;letter-spacing:-.1pt”>• Manage

offsite archiving inventory and destruction


  • 0-2 years experience in general account and/or finance analysis
  • Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree preferred



analytical skills, financial analysis and/or accounting experience



Microsoft Excel and Word proficiency

  • A positive outlook and excellent oral and written communication


  • SAP experience a plus
  • Exceptional attention to detail, strong organizational skills and

able to work independently

Come meet our smart, collaborative team and

see our growing agency. You’ll witness

an engaging culture and high-energy environment. Your confidential inquiry is encouraged.The Lacek Group

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