Data Analyst Apprentice


You are the Data Apprentice, you are passionate about using all types and forms of data to drive insights, strategy, decisions and creativity. You solve complex business problems using bespoke methods that are appropriate for each situation.


You will be work across the whole Ogilvy Data Practice; Data Strategy, Marketing Technology and Analytics. Working with specialists within each domain and learning tools, methodologies, frameworks and languages relevant to each. Such as:


- Programming languages like R, SAS, Python, SQL

- Visualisation tools such as Tableau

- Social listening tools

- Google Analytics Suite 

- TGI Profiling tool

- How data is used to drive customer engagement across digital/non digital  platforms

- Understanding how data drives insight into Customers, Markets, Brands

- Researching new innovations in data AI / Machine Learning

- Assisting in the development of CRM plans and customer journeys

- Using Marketing Technology tools such as ESP’s Decisioning platforms and bespoke database packages


What You Will Achieve?


- Practical experience with data, technology and strategy from day one

- Technical support from different data experts all day, every day based on what you’re doing and what you need

- A dedicated mentor to help you navigate your development, tailored to you

- Access to enterprise level software, tools and market insights

- Experience working directly with clients and, delivering your own work (when you and your mentor feel you’re ready)

- Making decisions and impacting businesses based on data (none of what we do is ‘just theory’)

- Working with people outside of the data practice; consultants, creatives, designers, client relationship managers

- A fun, modern working environment with flexible working hours and locations, an open plan office, in building restaurants, cafes and bars, a rooftop overlooking the Thames and, the ability to mix with people in all departments, from all walks of life

- A complete learning programme in partnership with Arch Apprenticeships building your technical data skills and qualifications

See Inside the Office of Ogilvy

Ogilvy is one of the largest marketing communications networks in the world. Founded by David Ogilvy in 1948, Ogilvy’s commitment to innovation has made it a global leader in brand advertising. It’s used its marketing know-how to build some of the most recognizable brands in the business, including clients like Sears, American Express, and IBM—all while maintaining its strict standard of creative excellence.

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