Associate Strategy Director

The Creative Strategy team works hand-in-hand with all three practices. Our job? To consistently exceed expectations in delivering creative solutions to our clients’ strategic challenges. As such we play a prominent role in the business: driving best practice; assuring quality, providing thought leadership; harnessing relevant innovations and trends in the world of commerce, media and marketing.

As a senior colleague you will be expected to help deliver the value of the strategic discipline, push for excellence, nurture talent and grow client relationships and win business.

Furthermore you will be expected to develop and grow this practice by elevating it and embedding it into wider client accounts. More generally you will use your transferable skills and knowledge more broadly to convert wider strategic opportunities and overcome a variety of strategic challenges

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsibility for leading the development of strategic thinking on all designated agency clients, in a way which builds the client relationship and / or boosts revenue.
  • Responsibility for growing our strategic offer across Corporate, Consumer and Social practices; and to develop the agency’s strategic reputation amongst business and industry.
  • Responsibility for driving the generation of cross-discipline comms ideas that deliver to strategic objectives.
  • Responsibility for providing clients with strategic counsel on utilising communication to drive their business.
  • Responsibility to lead Corporate, Consumer and Social teams in the creation of communications proposals
  • Creating IP around Purpose / Meaningful / DO brands
  • Providing senior client counsel on brand purpose topics
  • Packaging the OPR and S&P tools to enable an easy sell
  • Developing new thought leadership ‘products’
  • Bring strategic specialism to bear on a distinct areas of Ogilvy business
  • Assume strategic leadership across assigned accounts
  • Responsibility to identify, pursue and unlock strategic business streams (e.g. research, workshops, purpose, etc.)
  • Attend, help direct and drive follow-up of weekly team meetings
  • Manage the team resource to ensure effective work flow e.g. CAP planner, annual leave, etc.
  • Assist Corporate, Consumer and Social teams in their broader ‘strategic’ requirements: such as strategic account direction, account priorities, workshop planning, moderation of client sessions, running brainstorms, message honing and presentation structuring

Key Competencies

  • Expertise in turning diverse research sources into genuine insight as to drivers and motivations behind audience behaviour at holistic and individual levels
  • Expertise in bringing wide research and trend knowledge to bear on understanding audiences
  • Expertise in the way audiences consume and react to communications
  • Expertise in turning knowledge of consumer attitudes and behaviours into an agency pov of use to clients and their business
  • Ability to build a deep knowledge of the client’s business, what drives it and what is crucial for business success
  • Expertise in developing strategies that bring communications to bear to improve clients’ business/ operations
  • Expertise in the field of Purpose Marketing and how it can drive business results
  • Ability to assist clients in utilising audience understanding to improve their business
  • Expertise in analysing qual and quant research to build strategic arguments
  • Ability to identify research gaps and sell-in research projects
  • Expertise in taking a holistic perspective, breaking down problems, simplifying situations and identifying realistic and achievable solutions
  • Passionate about the art of communication and expert in bringing communication solutions to bear on all manner of client situations
  • Active in analysis of diverse information sources and expertise in distilling this knowledge to impact clients’ business and communications solutions
  • Expertise in turning strategy into a jumping-off point for idea development
  • Expertise in guiding teams to creative solutions and in developing ideas to meet strategic objectives
  • Expertise in directing a team to strategically-led client proposals
  • Expertise in Ogilvy proprietary planning tools e.g. FUSION, Big IdeaL and DO brief
  • Expertise is framing and presenting strategic arguments, proposals and ideas to clients
  • Ability to lead the strategic direction of client accounts
  • Ability to counsel clients on their business and top level communications

General Competencies

Removal Date 03-Oct-2017

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