Associate Director, Engagement Planning

Role Overview:

Our client is a large global B2B client of the agency. It’s the world’s largest package delivery company and a provider of supply chain management solutions. The focus for the role is the Mid-Market audience, focusing on data and segment driven content marketing leadership. The Mid-Market client set has account rep coverage, due to the size of the engagement. The Mid-Market is defined as B2B clients with 50 to 1000+ employees and a shipping spend from $40k to $1MM.

This Engagement Planner will:

  • Lead the day to day strategic offering for the client’s Mid-Market audience.
  • Liaise with content strategy team on content strategy and themes for the client’s audiences, defined by industry and roles.
  • Lead segmentation and identify and refine messaging to help differentiate communication with the purpose of audience generation.
  • Synthesize client inputs and guidance to create direction for campaign and content ideas.
  • Provide previous experience working with global B2B companies.
  • Quickly build a deep understanding of the client’s business/industry and represent this knowledge internally.
  • Lead brief writing from experience, striving for clear and concise input to the creative teams.
  • Help oversee content and creative workflows, ensuring deliverables with impact.



  • Steward of segmentation and owner of audience insights, having a deep understanding of key industries (segments) and how each job title/role thinks and behaves in his/her job
  • Lead the creation of customer lenses, containing personas and buyer journeys with the aim to drive preference, engagement and conversion
  • Design segmented conversation maps, connecting and sequencing content into conversations with the aim to progress towards preference and purchase
  • Develop content distribution, influencer and social conversation strategies to amplify reach
  • Become the internal voice and go-to for knowledge about our client UPS’s business and their key industry target segments
  • Drive brief writing, translating insights and client inputs to precise and concise briefs for the creative teams. Brief teams and work with them through the creative process, also providing feedback as seen from the client’s business perspective
  • Fluent in data: today, a lot of the best insight is hiding inside data: customer and transactional, in web analytics reports, marketing automation flows and CRM systems. Ability to go directly to the digital breadcrumbs and pull insights that will help inform strategies and creative work (Customer Engagement Campaigns)


  • The ability to work across different engagement groups and disciplines is key: Digital, Social, CRM, Media, Content and Analytics, to drive integrated engagement platforms, more specifically:
  • The media team to ensure the content, paid ecosystem/journey and targeting aligns with the strategy and that spend is optimized towards set objectives
  • The content strategist to ensure that content strategies aligns with segment audiences and intended messaging for progression
  • The analytics team to ensure that measurements of impacts can be performed and that an iterative process of continuous improvement of strategy and tactics are in place
  • Eventually work with Marketing Technology to ensure implementation of designed performance marketing campaigns


  • 8-10 years of experience in strategic planning.
  • Bachelors degree
  • Ability to work directly with clients and build relationships to provide a deep understanding their business.
  • Strong command of most forms of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and working knowledge of when and how to apply them to a given client challenge.
  • Creative mind and ability to inspire and instigate ideation across disciplines and departments.
  • Demonstrated talent for abstract thinking, spotting trends and patterns, an innate curiosity and insight into human behavior, an instinct for popular culture, and a nuanced understanding of creative work are critical.
  • The ability to work across different engagement groups and disciplines is key to their success: Digital, Social, CRM, Media, Content and Analytics, to drive integrated engagement platforms.
  • Help develop and deploy Paid-owned-earned integrated strategy around individual pieces of content and systems of content.
  • Inspire creativity with the creative team (simplifying things and honing in on key insights).
  • Understand the role of content in developing relationships
  • Strong understanding of social obviously (from mechanics that increase the chance of content being shared to just platforms)
  • Experience in customer-centric planning.
  • Fluent in digital content, new formats, new platforms and how audiences uses them in their daily lives
  • Understand how to develop social strategies (developing content with social groups, sharing content with social groups, engaging influencers, understanding social distribution, etc.)
  • Must be a strong strategic thinker to ensure ideas produced are always aligned back to the strategic goals of the business and the key elements of the brand’s message.
  • Must have a good sense of editorial planning to be able to identify and plan against ongoing themes and know how to tie new stories back to those central themes.
  • Must be an expert storyteller, fluent in building the necessary narrative elements, as much of the job is identifying the real story beneath the existing content.

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