Assistant Account Executive

Key Areas of Responsibilities

  • Understands clients business and broader ecosystem
  • Manages low-complexity projects working with creative, and media production departments
  • Familiarity with scope of projects on which they are working
  • Owns project status reports, both internal and client-facing
  • Updates scope documents and writes change orders, with oversight
  • Communicates effectively with clients, with oversight
  • Opens and monitors production jobs, and develops and manages OOP estimates
  • Tracks all OOP spends and reconciliations
  • Understands, and can efficiently navigate, the estimating, billing and trafficking functions, and is generally the point-person for all work on SAP
  • Monitors various sources (e.g., Internet) for news and relevant information
  • Manages asset (creative and competitive) library
  • Manages creative rotation across TV, print and radio, and oversees creative trafficking process, with oversight
  • Understands basic media concepts and terminology, and the roles of each Agency discipline
  • Understands how to deliver and elicit feedback from various team members, with oversight
  • Develops meeting recap notes after important client and internal meetings
  • Sets up meetings, includes the correct people, and provides accurate agendas and precise, actionable meeting notes


  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred
  • 0 – 2 years experience in related field preferred
  • Exceptional communication skills, written and verbal
  • MS Project, PowerPoint, Excel

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