Account Manager (O&M)


O&M is a world-class, multi-awarded creative agency, based in London, with two basic beliefs:

All roads lead to the work and we all work for the work.

“All roads lead to the work” because we are not a service industry, we are a manufacturing business; where our output is the very best creative product that we can make for our clients.

“We all work for the work” because creative is not a department, it is what we all do for a living.

At O&M we all work together to create the conditions within which great creative work can happen.

No excuses, no exceptions, no shirking, no blame. We’re in this together.

We strive to make socially relevant work for our clients.

This is creative work that generates or joins a conversation bigger than the advertising.

Ideas that live beyond paid media. Ideas with ambition.


We are looking for an entrepreneurial & digitally savvy Account Manager. The role is a very exciting one- giving an account manager the opportunity to work on a fast paced, integrated piece of business.

Fast food is a commoditized market. While the client is a well-established brand, few people know about the Delivery side of the account. We need to get people to come and keep coming back. In order to do this, we need to think and act like a challenger brand.

We need an entrepreneurial, driven individual who is passionate about creative, to join our mission.


  • Must be a self-starter- this is a busy team and we expect account managers to really take control of projects and run them
  • Curious and ambitious- we are very focused on bringing forward thinking solutions to our clients. We need our team members to bring ideas to the table, push our teams when we are playing it too safe and identify opportunities with clients to approach things differently.
  • Must have absolute control over the basics like contact reports, status reports, financial management: ownership over all these crucial day to day aspects of account management.
  • Ability to build strong relationships with clients
  • Managing workload across disciplines & through the creative process.
  • Organisation is key as the work is fast paced and plentiful

Removal Date 18-Aug-2017

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