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About Us

O&M is a world-class, multi-awarded creative agency, based in London, with two basic beliefs:

All roads lead to the work and we all work for the work.

"All roads lead to the work" because we are not a service industry, we are a manufacturing business; where our output is the very best creative product that we can make for our clients.

"We all work for the work" because creative is not a department, it is what we all do for a living.

At O&M we all work together to create the conditions within which great creative work can happen.

No excuses, no exceptions, no shirking, no blame. We're in this together.

We strive to make socially relevant work for our clients.

This is creative work that generates or joins a conversation bigger than the advertising.

Ideas that live beyond paid media. Ideas with ambition.

We work for all kinds and all sizes of clients (with all kinds of needs and budgets).

We represent O&M in London for large global clients like BP, Philips, AMEX and Unilever.

We are O&M London for local clients running domestic campaigns from Kronenbourg to Amnesty International.

If that sounds like somewhere for you then we'd love to see you.

The Client

This role is working for one of Ogilvy & Mather's largest global clients, spanning every region of the world, and has grown over 25% in the past four years. It is also one of the agency's oldest clients. As such, it is a deeply important relationship that has seen us contribute to their growth across many client regimes and structures.

The Role

We are looking for an Account Manager to take on this challenge. The Account Manager role comprises a unique opportunity to work with local, regional and global clients along with building relationships within the Ogilvy network guiding and supporting them to produce creative work that lives and breathes the Brand DNA. These clients will provide a breadth of experience and a foundation on which to continue building your career.

You need to be a creatively astute, diligent and independent worker. A strategic thinker who is confident and able to think independently, have a positive outlook and always look for the solution.


  • Maintaining a good understanding of the clients' business and the major trends shaping the market.
  • Building relationships with EMEA clients and Ogilvy network
  • Working with the broader team to manage the creative output process (inc. briefing, amends and delivery)
  • Demonstrating a sound judgment of creative work, ability to coherently argue the case where work is considered off brief or in need of refinement.
  • Remaining on top of project requirements and managing timelines and resource accordingly
  • Demonstrating the ability to accurately interpret and analyse campaign data; thinking both strategically and creatively; providing innovative solutions that are relevant to client requirement.
  • Manage ongoing account upkeep – including usage agreements on behalf of EMEA clients, wider agency governance and internal processes management.
  • Administration upkeep – supporting and coordinating the Account Team e.g. updating weekly client status reports, updating multi-agency reports, EMEA status reports and Global team status liaison, resourcing requests, and invoicing.
  • Gaining an awareness of the necessary level of financial control for projects (learning how to budget, forecast, invoice, and maintain tight management of ongoing project budgets).
  • Have an eye for detail and a curious mind-set
  • Be an honest, open team player and keen to work hard.

Account Management


Good account management is a way of thinking and behaving - not a checklist of tasks. It's about taking ownership for your clients, their business, your projects and most importantly the work. It's about being restless enough to ensure you've thought of everything, a feeling of responsibility towards the work and a deep care for the detail from start to finish. It's about doing everything in your power to create the conditions that will allow us to get to the very best creative work. But it's not just about the current work, it's about taking ownership for the future relationship and creative output, about putting things in place now to invest in the long term.


A passion for knowledge and a hunger to learn. About the clients themselves, what's keeping them up at night, the client's business, what the competitors are up to and why, your consumers, the culture around you, the wider industry and media landscape. It's the role of account management to separate the useful from the interesting and decide how to best to share what's useful with the right people both internally and client-side so everyone has the right information that will set us up for success. You should be hungry to learn about new channels, try things you haven't tried before and get under the skin of new categories or industries.


Every account person should be the voice that everyone wants in the room. Clients, because you always bring a point of view to the table, because you've built up the trust and have a credible voice of authority. Creatives, because you care about the work and know what it takes to make it happen (internally and with your clients). Planners, because you have a strategic point of view, you are able to contribute to the brief and input into strategic conversations. Production, because you are all over the detail and will partner with them to get the work out the door at its very best.


It's about constantly looking for ways to improve the status quo, and curating the best process that will take us to great work. Good account people are fast thinking, will bend the system to their advantage, are adaptable and seek to find new and different ways to build relationships, will ensure we have the skills that we need on each project, get the work bought (not sold) and not give up till the bell goes.

Being in the gang:

We are only going to be as strong as the team dynamic we create. Successful gangs are the product of active members who support each other, care for each other, constantly mentor and most importantly are always asking themselves the right questions. What does this gang need? How can I help make us better? This doesn't just apply to your specific account, we need everyone to contribute to the wider agency, to make O&M the very best it can be.

Client leadership:

You are the go-to person for your account and projects on a day-to-day basis. You are the driving force of each project, putting care and craft into every detail, ensuring everything is delivered on time, in budget, and that you have done everything in your power to get to the very best work. Removal Date 05-Apr-2018

Meet Some of Ogilvy's Employees

Alexander L.

Assistant Account Executive

Alexander and his team bridge the gap between Ogilvy’s clients and its internal departments. As an Assistant Account Executive, Alexander combines client feedback with creative know-how put together amazing campaigns.

Paige R.

Account Supervisor

Paige exceeds client expectations as she oversees Ogilvy’s international accounts. She works closely with Ogilvy’s Creative and Planning Departments—tracking timelines to keep projects running smoothly.

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