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Based at Sea Containers on the Southbank, Coley Porter Bell Client Services creates the environment and relationships in which extraordinary, ground breaking strategy and creative can be brought to life. We are indispensable partners to our clients and to our internal strategic planning and design teams, always adding value and keeping the bigger picture in mind.

We are committed to each other as a team, whether we're celebrating successes over drinks or supporting each other when things are difficult. We benefit from a coaching culture as well as the first rate training and development programmes offered through Ogilvy Group and WPP.

We understand the role neuroscience plays when it comes to developing strategy and creative and we partner with the wider team to ensure that all work seduces the subconscious and convinces the conscious.

Our four values are a way of life for us and the rest of the agency:


We're eager to learn, explore and experiment. We seek to find new ways, new ideas, new thinking. We constantly look at what is going on outside in the broader world around us. We restlessly look to be better as individuals and as a company.


We celebrate the art and craft of our work, both the inputs and the outputs. We strive to get the details right, finely crafting our solutions through discipline and dedication.

The Extraordinary

We design the extraordinary. We surpass expectations. We aren't afraid to do things differently. We are an eclectic bunch with diverse talents.

Each Other

We're generous with our time, our knowledge and our expertise. We encourage openness and collaboration. Relationships are at the heart of everything we do.

The Role

As Account Manager, you love being part of a larger team and seek to make life easier for those around you. No matter the request, you're 'already on it' and are always thinking about what comes next. You know your numbers inside and out and keep the team up to date without being asked because you understand the importance of strong commercial awareness and understanding.

You're proud to be a trusted pair of hands and are known for your scrupulous attention to detail. Juggling comes naturally to you and you thrive on switching gears whether it's jumping in to help on a new client, learning about a new category or volunteering for an Ogilvy Group initiative.

Inherently curious, you make it a point to know anything and everything there is to know about our clients and our agency and you use this knowledge to add value across the board. No one would ever refer to you as a 'bag carrier' or a note taker!


You're at the heart of our work and make it a point to be absolutely indispensable, which you do by:

Establishing the environment in which extraordinary work can be created

o Organising and running efficient and effective meetings. You start and end on time, have an agenda and use it, are clear about what the desired outcome is for the meeting, bring the right background materials for reference and send out a contact report afterwards

o Making sure our Beautiful Plumbing process for quality assurance is followed on every piece of business

o Responding quickly to internal and external requests, even if it's just to reassure that we're on the case

o Partnering with our Studio Manager, Creative, Planning and Production teams to ensure the right resource is in the right place at the right time

o Knowing who the different agencies are within the Ogilvy Group including the capabilities each has to offer

o Understanding what we mean when we say 'seduce the subconscious, convince the conscious' and the impact this has on what we create

o Contributing to our culture and representing our mission, vision and values

o Keeping current with what's happening in the world, everything from global news to specifics within your clients' industries as well as our own industry

Helping the team build the relationships required for extraordinary work

o Getting to know and building relationships with your day-to-day clients

o Being the trusted point of contact on small to mid-sized projects or work streams

o Communicating confidently and articulately – both internally and externally – about what you and the team are delivering

o Reading people well and being able to flex your communication style appropriately

o Looking for ways to help our clients shine, whether it's finding opportunities for award entries or celebrating launches and successes great and small

o Having a high level of self awareness

Being commercially savvy

o Opening new jobs within Maconomy, our Finance system

o Assisting the team with preparation for client health checks

o Regularly reviewing project financial data within Maconomy to ensure projects are tracking against budget and that time is being recorded accurately

o Working closely with our partners in Finance to keep them abreast of changes to budgets, scope or anything that will impact the business

Helping to grow the business

o Pulling together credentials and case studies to be used in pitches and presentations

o Playing the role of Pitch Angel and seamlessly following the Ten Tenets of Pitching to keep the team on track

o Looking for opportunities where we can add value within the projects we are working on

o Helping create and deliver on marketing plans and health checks

Minimum qualifications:

o Recent experience in an Account Executive role within the branding, advertising or communications industry

o Excellent verbal and written communication skills

o Strong command of English and grammar

o Well versed in MS Office –Powerpoint in particular

o Proven track record of exceptional performance and high productivity

o Passion for design

Removal Date 23-Mar-2018

Meet Some of Ogilvy's Employees

Alexander L.

Assistant Account Executive

Alexander and his team bridge the gap between Ogilvy’s clients and its internal departments. As an Assistant Account Executive, Alexander combines client feedback with creative know-how put together amazing campaigns.

Paige R.

Account Supervisor

Paige exceeds client expectations as she oversees Ogilvy’s international accounts. She works closely with Ogilvy’s Creative and Planning Departments—tracking timelines to keep projects running smoothly.

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