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We're looking for an Account Executive to work on a large client account.

The Account Executive should be the centre of the account team – supporting and learning whilst demonstrating development. They need to be confident and in control of doing the basics that keep the team and client running. They need to integrate well with internal and external people and show aptitude to be innovative.

The Client team is big and they rely on their Agency partners to drive projects forward. This role will require building trust internally and externally as well as working across a number of internal agency departments.

The account covers a broad range of direct communications, from BAU Direct Marketing (with the main focus on: DRTV, Radio, Press, Door Drops & DM) to an online, social and content led approach. The account also covers B2B work and work on innovation brands.

We rely on you to...

Key Responsibilities & Accountability


  • Be the person the team can rely on for all admin requirements
  • Take responsibility for organising all internal client meetings
  • Be keen to organise team and client social events


  • Write clear and concise briefs for "Task" jobs
  • Understand and articulate client comments and actions – confirming and agreeing in writing with client to ensure understanding
  • Lead creative briefing and feedback to team/studio on smaller projects – involving SAM/AD as needed
  • Participate in creative reviews and presentations when required
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the client brand "dos" and "don'ts"


  • Accurately estimate for jobs following the receipt of new briefs – involving SAM for approval
  • Ensure that jobs run to budget by regularly reviewing the WIP and re-estimating if the client exceeds their allocated rounds of amends. Flag any issues with your SAM at the earliest possible point
  • Ensure that you are prepared for monthly WIP meetings and follow-up on all actions assigned to you by agreed deadlines
  • Own the finance folders (on and offline), ensuring that they are up-to-date and brought to relevant meetings
  • Reconcile and invoice jobs in a timely manner


  • Develop an understanding of client's competitors and marketplace
  • Keep updated competitor work and news on file and highlight anything of interest to team and Client


  • Acknowledge all client requests, briefs, etc., as soon as possible after receiving them, clearly explaining when and what next steps will be – ensuring a professional and fitting professional tone in all communications
  • Demonstrate a high level of attention to detail in all written work (from emails through to creative copy) taking ownership but checking with line manager where necessary
  • Run day to day jobs to satisfaction of client – with support from the Senior Account Manager, including:
  • Ensuring tasks are completed within allocated timescales
  • Managing expectations with ongoing updates and explaining any potential issues in advance
  • Checking quality of all work before discussing with Senior Account Manager
  • Writing Task briefs with support from SAM
  • Understanding and communicating feedback
  • Issue timing plans (and update as necessary) in order to deliver client campaigns – spotting any potential issues and flagging with SAM/AD upfront
  • Create and maintain project files and creative guard book
  • Own the weekly client status report(s), including:
  • Ensuring it is accurate and internally approved prior to issuing to clients
  • Distribution to clients on time
  • Compile 'wash up' at the end of each campaign with support from SAM


  • Flexibility to manage client relationships effectively
  • Develop and maintain a good rapport with day-to-day client contacts
  • Input into client meetings attended with SAM/AD where appropriate
  • Maintain a database of useful client knowledge – recognising hobbies, likes and dislikes, birthday, weddings etc and ensure they're acted upon
  • Confident in managing upwards internally – to the right people – and asking for help when needed

The OgilvyOne Account Exec as a Leader:

  • Demonstrate industry awareness through reading trade articles, attending talks (internal and external), Agency meetings (eg Loop), TED etc and feeding into client business as appropriate
  • Build a deeper knowledge of the client business outside of the specific Agency discipline/responsibility
  • Proactive handraising for involvement in extracurricular Agency activity (eg, awards, new business, Lab Days, etc)
  • Development of new ways/initiatives to better areas of responsibility (such as Status reports/case studies etc)
  • Use the Status Reports to build a broad knowledge of all work in the Agency (not just specific briefs that you are working on)

You are great at...

  • Excellent admin skills and a tireless enthusiasm in helping the team in whatever capacity is required
  • Enjoys challenges
  • Has enthusiasm, passion, pride and commitment
  • Eager and willing to learn from others
  • Ability to stay calm and ask for help if under pressure
  • Good project management skills – balancing an eye for the detail with a general overview of the bigger picture
  • Confident in expressing a point of view with the team – but knowing when to take other opinions on board and learn

Meet Some of Ogilvy's Employees

Alexander L.

Assistant Account Executive

Alexander and his team bridge the gap between Ogilvy’s clients and its internal departments. As an Assistant Account Executive, Alexander combines client feedback with creative know-how put together amazing campaigns.

Paige R.

Account Supervisor

Paige exceeds client expectations as she oversees Ogilvy’s international accounts. She works closely with Ogilvy’s Creative and Planning Departments—tracking timelines to keep projects running smoothly.

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