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About Us

O&M is a world-class, multi-awarded creative agency, based in London, with two basic beliefs:

All roads lead to the work and we all work for the work.

"All roads lead to the work" because we are not a service industry, we are a manufacturing business; where our output is the very best creative product that we can make for our clients.

"We all work for the work" because creative is not a department, it is what we all do for a living.

At O&M we all work together to create the conditions within which great creative work can happen.

No excuses, no exceptions, no shirking, no blame. We're in this together.

We strive to make socially relevant work for our clients.

This is creative work that generates or joins a conversation bigger than the advertising.

Ideas that live beyond paid media. Ideas with ambition.

We work for all kinds and all sizes of clients (with all kinds of needs and budgets).

We are O&M London for local clients running domestic campaigns from Kronenbourg to Amnesty International.

If that sounds like somewhere for you then we'd love to see you.

What we're looking for specifically for this account

Passionate - Yes passionate about advertising but more importantly passionate about creativity in whatever form it takes. We want to know what inspires you – it could be basket weaving, we don't care, but if you can talk to us and inspire us – then that is all that matters.

Different – You don't need to be weird or quirky but you need to have a spark, something that bucks convention and a real sense of self. You don't need to be a big personality but we are looking for real personalities. Cookie cutters need not apply.

Streetfighters – We are not looking for "Gentleman Boxers" who play by the rules and approach every fight in the same mechanical way. We want people who are fast thinking, will bend the system to their advantage, seek to find new and different ways to build relationships, get the work bought (not sold) and do not give up till the bell goes.

Team Spirit - We are only going to be as strong as the team dynamic we create. Successful teams are the product of active members, who support each other, care for each other, constantly mentor and most importantly are constantly asking themselves the right questions. What does this team need? How can I help make us better?

A few role specific considerations

Two words "On It" – We're looking for people who have a real hunger for the role. We will forgive experience in place of passion and drive. At times this is going to be a tough piece of business to work on but with that will also be hugely rewarding. If we get it right this can be a career maker and we want people pumped and ready to push themselves. We want people to run integrated projects rather than head up channels, as such they need to be open to all. This is not a "Big Telly" brand this is a "Big Brand." Removal Date 15-Feb-2018

Meet Some of Ogilvy's Employees

Alexander L.

Assistant Account Executive

Alexander and his team bridge the gap between Ogilvy’s clients and its internal departments. As an Assistant Account Executive, Alexander combines client feedback with creative know-how put together amazing campaigns.

Paige R.

Account Supervisor

Paige exceeds client expectations as she oversees Ogilvy’s international accounts. She works closely with Ogilvy’s Creative and Planning Departments—tracking timelines to keep projects running smoothly.

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