Account Director

3+ months agoRiyadh, Saudi Arabia


We are looking for a new Account Director to manage one big account or a portfolio of smaller ones.

As an expert in your field, we expect to make the most of your specific discipline& skill set in addition to your experience leading a group of talented individuals and driving client growth.


The main responsibilities of the role include:


  • To manage a large account or a few smaller ones
  • To handle and manage a wide range of assignments, projects, clients and staff successfully and with a high degree of independence.
  • To build strong client relationships and be considered a potential company leader.
  • To meet performance requirements and growth projections.
  • Managing a client’s business or portfolio of integrated accounts
  • Partnering with Ogilvy’s capability experts to deliver integrated solutions, identify new business opportunities, scope of work and revenue
  • Immersing yourself in the essential dynamics, strategies, and drivers of your client’s business
  • Foreseeing opportunities and formulating plans to manage and exploit them to drive/extend the business
  • Putting clients first, interfacing regularly with all client levels and constantly hunting for solutions and big ideas that are innovative and relevant
  • Demonstrating strong collaboration skills with internal teams, using Agency resources to effectively and seamlessly support client’s business
  • Building strong, collaborative and trusted relationships with creative and strategic partners
  • Effectively navigating teams when there are conflicting priorities
  • Coaching, involving and inspiring the growth and development of junior Agency staff via providing consistent feedback, training and growth opportunities
  • Acting as an open and willing resource to team members in assessing ideas and directions, and providing guidance to push further
  • Monitoring and communicating POV on current marketing and industry issues 
  • Demonstrating responsibility and accountability for overall agency performance and flawless delivery
  • Provides a clear direction for the team in support of business objectives.
  • Gives effective feedback and coaches individuals to develop their own knowledge, skills and behavior.
  • Conduct regular performance and development reviews.
  • Effectively manages poor performers.
  • Recognizes and values work done well.
  • Runs a team, negotiating for resource and allocating tasks within and across departments, controlling timelines and budgets, anticipating issues, dealing with problems and working towards a solution.
  • Acts as the client’s day to day contact for all strategic and creative issues.
  • Understand the dynamics of the market and the brand within the market.
  • Builds knowledge of brands, synthesizing and interpreting information to facilitate strong strategic thinking.
  • Drives the ongoing strategic direction of the brand encouraging and supporting others in their brand investigations.
  • Ensure that all brand activity is on agreed brand strategy
  • Work to ensure client and agency share same expectations across all projects.
  • Represents individual or team point of view in convincing and compelling manner when speaking or writing.
  • Understands and appreciates the financial planning process.
  • Controls costs to ensure projects come in on budget.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the business implications of specific brand activity.
  • Recognizes business development opportunities and highlights these to senior management.
  • Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the key elements of the communications mix and their potential to deliver brand messages at various contact points.
  • Demonstrates excellent writing skills.
  • Demonstrates strong selling skills.




  • Strong leadership credentials managing large teams of people.
  • Extensive Advertising experience in a leadership position.
  • A track record in driving growth. You can demonstrate sound financial skills together with evidence of how you have managed and grown revenue.
  • A proven ability to work with senior clients. You bring the gravitas to stand up to demanding C suite clients.
  • Operational management expertise. You are familiar with the intricacies of how an agency works and can demonstrate how you have driven more effective, modern ways-of-working that improved the bottom-line.
  • People management talent. You excel in bringing people together under a common goal, inspiring, motivating and mentoring senior individuals as well as bringing out the best in a diverse group of people and driving an agency-wide talent agenda.
  • Proven experience in KSA and Arabic speaking is a plus.
  • Preference is given to Saudi nationals



You are an individual with character, courage and charisma. An Account Director with the highest standards of personal ethics, the emotional intelligence to work collaboratively both within and outside Ogilvy and the guts to discern and do what is right, taking the tough decisions and owning them. Given the degree of change we are experiencing and encouraging across our business, you will already have demonstrated a history of managing ongoing and ambitious change at a senior level.