360 - Senior Account Manager - Medical Education

We are looking for an experienced SAM/ junior AD with more of a Med Ed background. The work will be promotional med ed.

We would like a very strong science background (a science degree) with excellent project management and client handling skills. They need to be open to working in an integrated team and working to develop creative. They need to be strong written and spoken communicators.

An experienced Senior Account Manager responsible for the day-to-day planning, organisation and execution of client programmes, including: financial project management of assigned projects; the management and routine decision-making responsibilities for multiple small/medium sized projects with support from the Account Director; acting as the primary day-to-day contact for clients and KOLs for individual projects; delegation to/working closely with/mentoring of junior team members; active involvement in the strategic and scientific requirements of the account; facilitation of effective team working.

For candidates with experience suitable for a Senior Account Manager and a proven track record as an Account Manager, additional responsibilities would include assisting in the overall financial management of the account; lead and deliver multiple medium and large sized projects; maintain an understanding/overview of all projects across the account; review materials to ensure alignment with client brief/objectives and account/product strategy and be able to confidently discuss these knowledgeably with clients; regularly review the overall account programme and client objectives with the Account Director and proactively advise client on new issues/external environment that may have an impact; provide expertise, leadership and experience to the internal team; actively manage and develop team members; line management; grow business (organic and new business proposals).

As an agency we always look to challenge the status quo and bring a genuinely different and creative way of thinking to the projects we deliver for clients and the way we work together. Members of our team need to be enthusiastic and committed to helping us continually innovate, evolve and develop.

Removal Date 05-Oct-2017

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