2017 San Francisco Associates Program

We’re aiming to build

a company of giants. We’re not looking for giant egos, only giant thinkers.


looking for graduating seniors of all majors with a demonstrated passion for

marketing communications, a willingness to learn and the desire to be part of

something different.


Associates Program:

The Ogilvy Associates

Program gives you the opportunity to join the world’s leading Communications

Company and jumpstart your career. San Francisco PR Associates will have the

opportunity to explore three critical disciplines within the PR industry. Your rotations

will include OgilvyEarth, [email protected] and the Tech Practice. The goal of the

program is to recruit and develop highly skilled leaders. This 12-month

rotational program takes you through a range of assignments that provide the

opportunities, challenges, and experiences to help kick off your career in the

communications field.


to apply

You must be a graduating college senior to apply to

the 2017 associates program which begins in September 2017.

The application deadline is January 16, 2017.

To apply, create a profile on careers.ogilvy.com.

Then submit the following

items (Hint: If it’s not all there when you apply, it won’t be accepted. Has

something to do with attention to detail).





letters of reference (educational or professional)



to both of the following prompts in 500

words or less (each)

Prompt 1: Niko

Kazantzakis wrote that, “Since we cannot change reality, let us change the

eyes which see reality.” Tell us about a campaign that you felt

effectively changed the public’s perception of a company, product or a person

and why.

Prompt 2: As the

marketing industry evolves, more and more companies are emerging. What do you

think keeps Ogilvy relevant year after year and why do you want to work here?

4. Review & submit

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