Trust and Safety - Safety and Security Specialist

Safety and Physical Security

  • Conduct safety/security audits and inspections as directed by the Offline Trust and Safety Manager.
  • Document all reportable incidents and ensure that all information is communicated to the Offline Trust and Safety Manager.
  • Provide specialized knowledge and experience regarding general safety and OSHA compliance.
  • Monitor site access control, the flow of visitors, vendors, contractors and Bellefield employees entering and exiting the office.
  • Monitor all emergency systems to ensure functionality including exits, proximity badge functions, fire alarm systems, alarm systems.
  • Conduct hourly perimeter checks and report/action suspicious activity and/or situations.
  • Conduct daily auditing of employee entrance and exit for “off hours.” 0500-0800 AND 1700-2200
  • Communicate emergencies using mass notification system in the event of an emergency.
  • Greet visitors and vendors and provide assistance if needed.
  • Be the first person to enter the office and conduct an inner perimeter check and the last person to leave, ensuring no one is in the office.
  • Contribute to the OfferUp environment of being neighborly and transparent.

Investigations Support

  • Curate prohibited items on the site
  • Review and approve TruYou applications
  • Monitor recently soft blocked users for suspicious behavior and escalate if needed
  • Run queries using keywords based on specified indicators to search for potential Stolen Property Distribution and online scams and softblock bad actors. Follow-up through incident reporting system
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Offline Trust and Safety

Desired Professional Experience:

  • Demonstrated team management experience
  • Prior law enforcement experience or criminal investigation experience
  • Experienced in conducting sensitive and confidential investigations and intelligence gathering using online resources
  • Proficient in Mac operating system
  • You thrive in a fast-paced startup environment
  • You have great judgment, and able to make impactful decisions independently
  • Excellent communicator of data; you are able to tailor your explanation of user behavior to various types of people
  • Demonstrate examples of creating safety procedures and policies
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills· Excellent investigative, critical thinking and customer service skills
  • You are an articulate and confident self-starter and problem solver, who is frequently able to deal with ambiguity


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