Sr. Front End Developer

Odyssey is working with a North Dallas client to hire a Sr. Front End Developer. If this is you, then you specialize in UI development, your role is part visionary and part realist; your day to day consists of working with the design team to analyze the UX of a given feature, discuss changes and improvements with the product team, work with developers to communicate the requirements, and with the finished designs bring the interaction to life. Your main languages are the big three (HTML, CSS, JS) in production, but when you are experimenting it is any language you feel comfortable with. There is never a time that something in a design is set in stone; you will always be encouraged to come up with a better way of doing something or working through an interaction as you see fit. Above all, you will be a part of a team that wants nothing more than to do the best work of their lives, making a product that is far ahead in our industry and never settles for anything that isn't how it should be done. We need someone to be part of our creation process, our design innovation, and our technological advancement.

You need to have:
● A superpower consisting of HTML/JS/CSS skills (5+ years)
● Decent understanding of MV* frameworks (Vue, Knockout, React, etc.) (2+ years)
● A strong opinion of best practices and the knowledge / experience to back them up
● A favorite font AND border radius
● A working familiarity with web trends, standards, and technologies
● A love of preprocessors (LESS, SASS, SCSS)
● A bachelor’s degree in a computer related discipline, OR four additional years of full-time experience to compensate OR completion of a code school boot camp and demonstrate your skills and be an awesome hungry person.
● Must be able to successfully pass required criminal background and professional reference checks and drug testing.

You are:
● Passionate and constantly curious about web technologies (a hobby of yours might be playing with new tools and collecting front end frameworks)
● A very creative but pragmatic thinker (your thoughts don't end with the idea, it's how you would go about accomplishing them)
● A puzzle lover, problem solver, and out of the box thinker (you would agree with, "Problems without solutions just need more time")
● Someone who enjoys doing things that have never been done before

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