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Odyssey is looking for talented software engineers to join our growing team. Projects focus on our redesigned website (, and we are hiring for a wide variety of positions. Engineers have freedom to take on what tasks they find most meaningful and valuable. Development is focused on front-end web development, back-end APIs for data retrieval, tools for empowering writers in the editorial process, advertising, content personalization for readers, and any analytics that facilitate the product or our knowledge of the product. As a Software Engineer - Ads, you will work closely with the AdOps team to integrate  in-house and third party advertisements into our website to create the best user experience possible.


We operate in a pseudo-agile manner. And no, that doesn’t mean "waterfall" with stand-ups. It is more of a mix of Scrum and Kanban. Engineers work autonomously. The majority of your work will come from the product roadmap; however, we do empower engineers to allocate a portion of their time to work on what they think is best. We try to minimize meetings and deadlines, and maximize the time spent doing stuff that is fun.


Our Stack

  • Front-end: React, Redux, Webpack, ES6
  • Back-end: Node, Express
  • Data-layer: Azure Blob Storage, Azure Table Storage, SQL Server
  • Infrastructure: Azure Resource Manager, Linux (Ubuntu), a Raspberry Pi**


What we expect of you

  • Knowledge of at least one web MVC framework, preferably React.
  • Vanilla Javascript and ES5/ES6/ES7.
  • Interest or passion for integrating advertisements into websites that need to remain performant.
  • Great communication skills -- you will be working closely with AdOps every day!
  • Passion to learn as much as you can. You will need to be able to understand the inner workings of our React application and the GTM scripts and how they work together.


Bonus points if you...

  • Know your way around DoubleClick for Publishers, Google Publisher Tags, and Google Tag Manager.
  • Can do a little Python or have an interest in data science or machine learning. We value cross-functional team members who can lend a hand to our data scientists.
  • Have an interest in usability, accessibility, or design. We want engineers who can bring the UX team’s designs to life, with cool animations and performant design.
  • Enjoy optimizing developer experience or server infrastructure. Our DevOps guy doesn’t mind a little help, as long as you keep it simple and don’t break anything.
  • Like platforms such as Google Analytics, watching traffic patterns for our 30M+ unique monthly visitors.
  • Have touched Azure, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, or been involved with news, journalism, advertising, or social media.
  • Know all the things. Or at least some of the things.
  • Prefer Vim over Emacs.***


** Disclaimer: A joke.

*** Disclaimer: Not a joke.


Odyssey is a content platform that discovers and shares a chorus of millennial voices on topics that matter most to you. Odyssey enables content to find its most relevant audience organically.


We were featured in the Indianapolis Business Journal in a high-tech jobs report, after receiving $25M in an equity round. We recently rebuilt our online platform using our favorite technologies, and kicked off the new start with a beta launch event in New York City. We are quickly expanding our technology center in Indianapolis as we are becoming a top tech company in the region.


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