Group Medical Manager

    • Istanbul, Turkey

Job Description
•- Leading, coaching and motivating MM and SPM's.
•- Evaluate and approve the printed promotional materials and marketing and sales in terms of medical and ethical as-pects.
•- Work in close collaboration with training department for training the medical representatives; lead preparation of train-ing material (booklets, presentations, etc.), and follow'-up training of medical representatives
•- Plan and lead preparation & execution of the clinical trials (local trials), negotiate details of the protocol and budget with clinical investigators in local trials, initiate and conduct the trials, write and review abstracts/manuscripts, etc. for presen-tation/publication at internal/external meetings
•- Medical expert (ME) engagement, reinforce ME support (Advisory boards etc.), maintain contact with clinical investigators and deal with any problems or issues that arise, identify, meet, interview and persuade clinicians to conduct clinical trials both for local and GDD trials
•- Assess adverse reactions that arise during clinical trials and discuss possible treatments with clinical investigators
•- Make decisions regarding monitoring safety, eligibility, enrolment and data consistency, interpret data obtained in clinical trials
•- In GDD trials, lead support to GDD Team on issues that may impact the study, e.g. local medical practice, suitable com-parative agents, local regulatory requirements, experiences of centres etc., provide local medical support at Investigator Meetings
•- Collaborate with the Market Access department for all processes
•- Supply medical information concerning the therapeutic area
•- Collaborate with the marketing department to form marketing strategic plans for products from the beginning (in some cases, take the initiative) to create and implement projects and programs such as ME engagement ,participate actively in brand teams
•- Work in close contact with the sales team

Minimum requirements
Medical Doctor
English: fluent written& spoken
Min 2 years' experience in similar role in Oncology therapeutic area is preferred.

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