Northwell Health

Respiratory Therapist (Registered)\/NICU

1 week agoBrooklyn, NY

Job Description

Performs independent comprehensive respiratory assessment and therapy as prescribed by a physician. Provides patient/significant other with respiratory therapy education. Prepares, operates and maintains respiratory care equipment.

Responsibilities Include:
1. Reviews data in the patient record including history, lab data, radiological studies, progress notes, respiratory and cardiovascular monitoring data.
2. Documents / records respiratory therapy data as required Communicates data to appropriate members of the health care team.
3. Assesses patient's overall cardiopulmonary status using observation, auscultation, lab/bed-side tests, non-invasive monitoring and interview techniques.
4. Interviews patient to determine orientation, dyspnea, activities of daily living, social support, nutritional status, and learning needs.
5. Performs and interprets bedside procedures to including pulse oximetry, ABG analysis, Co-oximetery, mixed venous sampling, hemodynamic and pulmonary mechanics.
6. Obtains additional data by calculating lung compliance, airway resistance, work of breathing, PaO2 /FIO2 ration, and other noninvasive monitoring including airway graphics.
7. Selects, assembles, and checks equipment for proper function, operation, and cleanliness.
8. Performs quality control procedures for blood analysis devices, diagnostic equipment, ventilators, and gas metering devices.
9. Explains planned therapy and goals to patients and evaluate, monitor and record patient's response to respiratory care.
10. Communicates results of therapy to appropriate members of the healthcare team.
11. Performs blood gas sampling to include arterial punctures and sampling from arterial lines and swan ganz catheters.
12. Monitors mechanical ventilator patients to include: airway pressures, tidal volumes, respiratory rate, I/E ratio, FIO2, cuff pressure, and alarm settings.
13. Modifies mechanical ventilation to include recommendations in modifications of the respiratory care plan.
14. Assesses mechanical ventilator patients for weaning parameters and possible extubations.
15. Instructs, initiates, and adjusts mechanical nasal mask and negative
pressure ventilation to achieve adequate spontaneous and artificial ventilation.
16. Modifies artificial airway management to include endotracheal tube
positioning, cuff pressure monitoring, tracheotomy care, and adjustments in airway humidification systems.
17. Administer medicated aerosol therapy, encourage bronchopulmonary hygiene, and when indicated assist in suctioning of bronchopulmonary secretions.
18. Makes modifications in therapeutic procedures based on patient response.
19. Modifies oxygen and specialty gas therapy and make changes in mode, flow, and concentration when appropriate.
20. Explains various procedures being performed to other employees, patients, or patient family members.
21. Assists pulmonary physicians, as required.
22. Initiates, conducts, or modifies respiratory care techniques in an emergency.
23. Performs related duties as required.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Frequent walking, standing, bending, climbing up and down stairs. Good manual dexterity to use Respiratory Therapy equipment. Occasional lifting, positioning, pushing equipment and patients with assistance up to 200 lbs.

High School Diploma or equivalent, required Certificate of completion from an accredited respiratory therapy program, required. Bachelor's Degree, preferred.
Current NYS Respiratory Therapist license, required.

Registered as a Respiratory Therapist from the National Board of Respiratory Care, required.

Advanced or Basic Life Support certification, required