Northwell Health

Quality Management Registered Nurse

5 days agoNew York, NY

Job Description
Job Description
Coordinates the health system's Cardiology data collection and submission to the American College of Cardiology (ACC) national registry for cardiac interventions. Benchmarks the health system's performance against other cardiology facilities across the country. Prepares and presents reports and statistical analysis to various hospital and system quality committees.
Job Responsibility

  • Collects and collates data from patient medical records and enters it into a registry form.
  • Communicates and interacts with physicians and patients to ensure all information is obtained accurately and completely.
  • Monitors the process of data collection to ensure time frames are met.
  • Generates reports from the registry and analyzes data to compare organization to similar institutions regarding to key quality indicators.
  • Measures patient, provider and facility characteristics, cardiac device type and adverse events.
  • Identifies quality gaps in cardiac patient care.
  • Collaborates with the leadership to recommend new processes to improve cardiac patient care.
  • Presents comparative information to various hospital and organization quality committees; addresses any concerns or issues that may arise.
  • Provides information to the committees regarding changes in mandates or definitions.
  • Performs related duties as required. All responsibilities noted here are considered essential functions of the job under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Duties not mentioned here, but considered related are not essential functions.
Job Qualification
  • Graduate from an accredited School of Nursing. Bachelor's Degree in Nursing, preferred. Must be enrolled in an accredited BSN program within two (2) years and obtain a BSN Degree within five (5) years of job entry date.
  • Current License to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse in New York State required, plus specialized certifications as needed.

Job ID: Northwell-12114464