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Imaging Technologist

YesterdayBrooklyn, NY

Job Description
Job Description
Operates x-ray and auxiliary equipment processes images; administers IV contrast, maintains and cleans equipment. Maintains required documentation.

Job Responsibility

May rotate through CAT Scan, Special Procedures and Diagnostic Radiology if trained.

  • Positions and instructs patients regarding the procedure(s) in order to obtain the desired diagnostic imaging results as specified by the physician.
  • Provides patient immobilization devices as required.
  • Selects proper technical factors on an individual patient basis.
  • Selects and operates equipment according to the specific diagnostic procedure involved.
  • Reviews processed images to be sure that they are of acceptable diagnostic quality and verifies them in PACS.
  • Practices sterile techniques and prevents cross contamination.
  • Maintains work areas in a clean and orderly fashion.
  • Interfaces with computers for the purposes of data acquisition during CT and MRI.
  • Maintains records on all imaging procedures performed into the RIS per established policies.
  • Schedules procedures as necessary.
  • Interfaces with patient, staff and physicians both within and external to the department to facilitate the improvement of the patient experience in every possible way.
  • Works continuously to improve Press Ganey scores via patient satisfaction.
  • Provides any necessary services to reduce patient examination wait time
  • Transport patients when necessary to expedite examinations and or patient satisfaction.
  • Verifies that there are no contraindications to administration of the IV or oral contrast agent.
  • Performs veinipuncture with the appropriate gauge necessary for the CT/MRI examination.
  • Explains in laymen's terms the administration of IV contrast, and completes the Iodinated IV Contrast Information sheet with the information provided by the patient, family member or health care proxy.
  • Utilizes appropriate flush technique for an existing IV line.
  • Utilizes power injector to administer IV contrast.
  • Recognizes and assists in the treatment of contrast agent reactions.
  • Recognizes and assists in the treatment of IV extravasations.
  • Calculates contrast dose based on patient's weight.
  • Assists the physician or Imaging Nurse in the administration of contrast material.
  • Maintains the proper inventory of all supplies necessary for the assigned modality (Maintains the security of all oral and IV contrast).
  • Performs all designated Quality Control and Electro-Mechanical checks at specified frequencies.
  • May provides on the job instructions to other Technologists in CT and MRI if trained.
  • Coordinates preventive maintenance of equipment when necessary.
  • Transfers images digitally to appropriate workstations on an as needed basis to expedite interpretations.
  • Demonstrates working knowledge in the use of the Picture Archival and Communication System (PACS).
  • Demonstrates good working knowledge in the use of the Radiology Information System (RIS).
  • Performs related duties as required.
  • ADA Essential Functions

    • Frequently lifts or moves objects
    • Occasionally carries objects weighing up to 50 pounds
    • Frequently pushes patients or objects up to 200 pounds
    • Occasionally moves with assistance patients or objects greater than 150 pounds.
    Job Qualification

    • Graduate of an accredited Radiologic Technology Program, required.
    • New York State Department of Health licensure as a Radiologic Technologist, required.
    • American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) Registered Technologist (R.T.), required.
    • Minimum of two (2) years experience as a Radiology Technologist, required. Competency in one of the following modalities: CT, MRI or Special Procedures, required.

    *Additional Salary Detail
    The salary range and/or hourly rate listed is a good faith determination of potential base compensation that may be offered to a successful applicant for this position at the time of this job advertisement and may be modified in the future.When determining a team member's base salary and/or rate, several factors may be considered as applicable (e.g., location, specialty, service line, years of relevant experience, education, credentials, negotiated contracts, budget and internal equity).

    Client-provided location(s): Staten Island, NY, USA
    Job ID: Northwell-13267948