Staff Engineer Systems- Electromagnetic Environments Engineer- Radiation Effects

Staff Systems Electromagnetic Environments Engineer will play a key role in support of new strategic missile development efforts within the Specialty Engineering group. Project entails hardening launch vehicle structures and avionics to the effects of direct and indirect lightning, as well as EMP.
A broad experience base in man-made radiation effects, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation forms is desirable. Knowledge of non-ionizing radiation effects particularly at high E-M field strength, direct and indirect lightning effects, as well as HEMP/EMP forms is preferred.
Required Experience

  • Advanced degree in mechanical or electrical engineering, physics.
  • Active Security Clearance required (SECRET or higher) which generally requires US Citizenship as a prerequisite.
  • 14 Years with Bachelors in Science; 12 Years with Masters; 9 Years with PhD.
  • Previous work experience with MIL-STD-461/464, NASA/TM-1999-209734, NASA-STD-4003, and/or DOT/FAA/CT-89/22.
  • Knowledge of electromagnetic environmental effects on aircraft, space vehicles and launch vehicles, including effects of space plasma, on-orbit charging, triboelectric charging, grounding/bonding/shielding, design for low radiated emissions, HIRF, lightning, electromagnetic field coupling, Maxwell's equations, image charge/current, and lumped element modeling.
  • Knowledge of materials and their electrical & mechanical properties including paint, anodize, magnaplate, nickel plate, alodine, composites, thermal protection systems, surface finish, electrical conductivity, volume resistivity, surface resistance. Key capability is to integrate new materials for the purposes of addition lightning survival capability into designs.
  • Demonstrated experience with NASA-HDBK-4001, DO-160, MIL-STD-1541, SSP 30237, SSP 30238, and/or SMC-S-008
  • Working knowledge of plasma/high-energy physics, dielectric breakdown, and some familiarity with RF principals and RF engineering.
  • Experience with simulation software such as EMA3D or CST.
  • Experience preferred in fast-paced work environment with production/flight hardware.
  • Experience writing an EMC control plan.
  • Ability to work in a team environment, and occasional travel (approx. 30%).
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; ability to present to large customer community.
  • Ability to solve problems, analyze test results, drive tasks to completion.

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