Mgr Systems Engineering 2

    • Redondo Beach, CA



The Space Systems Engineering Section Manager is a dual-hat Engineering Manager responsible for both section management (up to 20% of time) and existing program responsibilities (80% or more of time). Along with reporting into a program, the Section Manager is also a member of the Space Systems Engineering organization. The Section Manager shall be the functional management point of contact at the work site for the Launch and Operations Department and will support and implement activities supporting Space Systems initiatives, reporting directly to the Launch and Operations Department Manager.

Role and Responsibilities

• Perform resource planning and staffing; staff development, including skills training and career support; performance management, including employee goal setting, annual reviews, and issues resolution.
• Deployment, measurement, and improvement of tailored Space Systems processes and procedures
- Supporting Systems Engineering Directorate initiatives and independent program reviews

Candidates to have System Engineering Technical Leadership in alignment with:
Space Systems Launch and Operations (SSL&O) engineers lead the development of detailed concepts of launch processing, activation and operation in support of Space Vehicles and Ground Systems. Systems Operations engineers work closely with the Ground Operations and Maintenance and Space AI&T teams to support development of test and operations procedures, fault management strategies and training material. This domain includes knowledge of MARs development, activation and calibration plans and ensuring consistency across the products. Experience may include support to launch operations, SV activation and real time operations.

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