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Manufacturing and Production


Diagnose and determine cause and location of failures and malfunctions and perform the operations necessary to repair, rebuild, replace equipment, components and systems on machine tools, equipment, stationary engines and rolling stock where methods, tools and instructions are normally not provided.

Machine tools, such as lathe, mill, drill press and power saw. Automatic testing instruments, such as dwell, tachometer, timing light and volt meter. Various hand tools and measuring instruments, such as, wrenches, torque wrench, micrometers, dial indicators, theodolite, optical beaming equipment, laser interferometer, safety equipment, etc.

Ferrous and non-ferrous materials, pipe, bearings, lubricating and cooling liquids, automobiles, trucks, fork trucks, stationary engines, locomotives and mobile cranes. Various manual and CNC/DNC machine tools, hydraulic systems, replacement parts, engines, transmissions, differentials, batteries, etc.

WORKING PROCEDURE: The following are the usual major job duties but this job description does not preclude the performance of other duties by the incumbent, nor the question being raised on the proper rate of pay for the assignment.

1. Receive work assignment from supervision.
2. Read and follow safety regulations, work authorizations, specifications and service manuals.
3. Diagnose equipment, component and system failures and malfunctions and identify defective parts.
Use special test equipment as required.
4. Plan the sequence of operations and methods to be used for complete and/or partial repair, rebuilding/ replacement and adjust a variety of machine tools, equipment, stationary engines and rolling stock for optimum performance.
5. Remove and replace defective parts or make or repair parts by setting up and operating various machines to turn, bore, drill, mill and tap to size.
6. Repair, pumps and tires. Fill with oil or other fluids as required.
7. Level, scrape and align ways, beds and spindles and realign tailstocks. Make, install and scrape bearings requiring precise and accurate workmanship.
8. Maintain inventory of frequently used parts, such as, bearings, seals, plugs, hoses, clamps, wire valves, water pumps, voltage regulators, fluids and fittings.
9. Maintain and repair lubricating, hydraulic and cooling systems oh machine tools, equipment, stationary engines and rolling stock by checking and replenishing fluid, setting and adjusting for proper flow rates and performance.

This is a Union Represented Position


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